Everything about the sport of wushu
Wushu is a group of martial arts and a subset of Kung Fu.
The birthplace of this sport is China.
Wushu is the source of all martial arts.
Wushu is defined in different ways and styles, each with its own techniques, tactics and rules.

The difference in styles has in fact led to a variety of fighting methods; But in general, its philosophy has not changed over 5,000 years.
The sport of wushu does not only include the concept of attacking and defending, but also the development of the body, mind and soul.

sport of wushu

Wushu is made up of two words, wu and shu.
Wu is written in Chinese as zhi, meaning to give up, and Ge, an ancient weapon of war.

The character wu actually says to give up struggle and peace; Therefore, in addition to strengthening the health of the body, wushu is a kind of exercise for the mind and attention to moral values.

Unlike kung fu, which still retains its traditional style, wushu has undergone many changes.
Changes such as running on the wall and flipping, rotating 720 degrees while moving the tornado and rotating the propeller.

Basic wushu emphasizes moving and jumping with a flat back and open arms and rising from a crouched position with the palms of the hands and arms.

Talented people can learn to fly a butterfly after six months.
As mentioned in the section on Updatebody, wushu is an internal and external exercise for the mind and body and prepares the person physically and mentally for the fight.

Wushu: The word wu has five meanings
War, struggle, skirmish, practice and rhythmic movements.

The body needs to have enough strength for daily exercises such as running and weightlifting.
This is not a rule, but it is a criterion for promotion to higher levels of fitness.

Doing any exercise against maximum body resistance is called maximum strength.
This level is very important for wushu practitioners, they should maximize their body strength as much as possible.

To do this, wushu practitioners must perform specific exercises in different sets.
Each set must be performed 3 to 7 times and the difficulty of the practice must vary from low to medium and high.

To increase maximum strength, exercises must be done at maximum speed.
Maximum strength is divided into three parts:

1- Starting power:
includes building muscles for the beginning stage of the fight.

2- Speed ​​power:
includes the ability of a person to reduce the body resistance with the highest speed.

3- Power speed:
The ability to achieve the highest resistance with the highest speed, which is also known as force.

To move properly, you must have a flexible and strong body and the ability to do jumps, backs and turns.

The moves that a wushu beginner should know
Horse standing

This is a type of beginner posture that helps balance and perform other complex movements.

First, spread your legs shoulder-width apart.
Bend your knees as if you were riding a horse.
Keep your torso perfectly straight.

Arched standing

Stand facing in a lounge position, place one foot in front of the other foot in a line, gently invert the back foot so that the toes are facing out.
Both heels should be on the ground.

Bend the knee of the front leg 90 degrees and pull the back leg.
Keep your upper body straight and look straight ahead.

Stand comfortably

Place the right foot crosswise on the left foot.
Sit on the knee of your left foot and make sure there is no space between the two legs.
Try to keep your balance.

Remove the heel of the left foot from the ground.
Keep your upper body and chin straight.
Fist your hand and place it on your thigh.
Keep your elbows facing in and your wrists facing up.

Jump from the side

Stand up straight and keep your hands and wrists straight.
Keep your elbows close to your body.
Put one foot behind the other.
Kneel slightly to gain more strength to jump.
Support the front foot and jump with the back foot as hard as you can.

Jump fast

Stand up straight and keep your right hand forward, so that your toes are straight.
Tie your left hand and place it on your thigh so that your wrists are facing up.
Place your left foot slightly in front of your right foot and Raise the knee of your right foot.

Basic moves in wushu
Hand mode

In Wushu, there are different situations for the hand:
hooking, palm, punching

Place all fingers together and bend the wrist down;
Be careful not to bend your fingers.

Bend all the fingers and make a V-shape with them.

Keep all fingers firmly together and the thumb crossed over the other fingers.

Standing mode before the fight

Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, keep your body straight and stand in a normal position.
Moving practice

You should pay attention to the position of the fingers, thighs and shoulders; Your hands should move easily.
Place your hands in front of you and move left and right up and down in a circular motion.

This exercise relaxes the mind and body together, the arms and legs should be straight and the arms should move in opposite directions when moving.
Move the body forward with the help of the toes and heels.
Do this by placing your hands up and down in front of your abdomen in a circular motion.

Wushu sports styles
As mentioned in the section on Updatebody, the three main styles of exciting sports are Wushu Tai Chi, Changquan and Nanquan, which are used in international competitions as standard and professional forms of these styles.

Tai Chi Chuan

It is a style that is based on qi energy and actually strengthens the body both physically and mentally.
In this style, gentle movements along with breathing basically regulate the body’s energy.

In fact, it includes the northern styles of kung fu, and in the definition of this style, it should be said that the word Changquan means long fist.
In explaining the details of this style, it should be said that in this style, movements with outstretched arms and legs and beautiful acrobatic movements are used.

Nanquan next style includes the southern styles of kung fu, and most of its movements are explosive and fast, indicating close conflicts.

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