Wrinkles on the chest

Wrinkles on the chest : 7 of the best ways

Wrinkles on the chest : 7 of the best ways

7 easy ways to get rid of Wrinkles on the chest and neck
Your breast skin is as sensitive as your face skin, but we bet women usually do not pay attention to it, we do not hydrate this part of the body and expose it to chemicals and sunlight, which causes wrinkles.

And wrinkles become premature, fortunately we have brought simple ways to get rid of it in this part of Updatebody.

Wrinkles on the chest :

  1. Habit of sleeping on your back (open arch):

Lying on your side and on your stomach can cause wrinkles.

To prevent this arch-sleeping habit, you can put a pillow under your knee and be in the same position, as a reward for two pillows on both sides of the body.

By the way, you also prevent the chest from sagging with this trick.

How to get rid of Wrinkles on the chest?

  1. Do not allow hot water to hit your chest directly in the bath:

This is a bad idea because the high temperature of the water cleanses and dries the skin’s natural oils and facilitates the formation of wrinkles, so instead of using this method, let the water flow naturally from the shower, shoulders and Lower your waist.

  1. Use a homemade mask:

Keep calm and take an aloe vera leaf for a breast mask, peel off the skin around it and apply the gel to your breasts for 20 minutes, aloe vera cleanses your skin and restores moisture to your breasts, and Makes it easy to crack and prevents wrinkles and makes your skin glow.

  1. Use the right bra size to minimize the formation of wrinkles:

If your breasts are in a normal position, support them by tying a bra to your size, which means that you will have smooth and wrinkle-free skin, because the non-size of the bra will cause wear and friction on your breast skin.

  1. Do some pressure to strengthen your chest and muscles:

If your chest muscles are tight, less prone to wrinkles, tighten your skin with a simple exercise, you can sit 20 times a day before taking a shower to prevent wrinkles and wrinkles from your breasts do .

  1. Get oxygen and blood by massaging your breasts:

Chest massage stimulates blood flow and fills your skin with oxygen, delays the aging process and wrinkles, rubs a little moisturizing cream on your fingers and, if moist, rotates your chest.

Massage, focus on your chest and breasts, this is a good way to relax and keep your skin healthy with little time.

7 – When using sunscreen, do not forget the dividing line !:

Excessive exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet and infrared rays allows the skin to penetrate deeply, this quickly damages your breasts, as it is sensitive, to prevent this sunscreen with high SPF Use 30, just like you do with your face.

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