workouts to do at home

Workouts to do at home

workouts to do at home

Lack of space in today’s homes is natural.
Workouts to do at home : On the other hand, exercise and maintaining the health of the body is essential and the lack of a suitable space for exercise can not be considered a reason to ignore it, so you should find the right sports movements with the right solution in the same small space.
Choose and do;
The movements that we have dealt with in this part of Updatebody.

plank movement
workouts to do at home

Barpi exercise
Moving on is very efficient.
To do this, stand, put your hands on the floor and squat and jump. Whatever you do in 10 minutes is a complete aerobic exercise for your muscle strength.

Combined exercise for the muscles of the central part of the body and the cardiovascular system
Doing these moves takes up little space.
To do this, strengthen the legs, the muscles of the central part of the body, and the heart of the arteries.

Seat position
The yoga chair position requires little space.
To do this, transfer your weight to the heels of your feet and pull your arms up.
This movement will increase the strength of the legs.

If you have enough space to lie down so you can do the plank movement.
Try to repeat this movement as much as you can and increase your number of times and take notes to see your progress.

push up on the ground
By push up on the ground and having enough space, you can improve the strength of the upper body muscles and the stability of the muscles in the central part of your body.

Two speed and jump
Mountaineering is a great exercise for the heart and arteries.
Doing two also makes your heart beat faster.

Jump Squat
Squat and then jump with a jump, and you can also get up on your toes to make no noise.

yoga push-up
This swim is the same as regular swimming, but you have to keep your elbows close to your ribs and then bring your abdomen to the ground and press your chest up and your shoulders away from your ears.
Then lift your hips up and engage your entire upper body.

Lateral side
To do this, stand and take a step to the right while maintaining the position of the right foot and straighten the knee of the left foot and transfer the weight of the body to the right.
Bend your right knee and hips slightly and do the same with your left. By strengthening your legs from one side to the other, you will help prevent injuries.

Workouts to do at home

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