Can you lose weight by exercising? exercise to lose weight

Workouts lose weight

Workouts lose weight

Can you lose weight by exercising?

Workouts lose weight : What is aerobic exercise?
The exercise by which oxygen reaches the muscles through blood is called aerobic exercise.

To perform this type of aerobic metabolism, you need to have low and long duration of exercise, high intensity and short duration aerobic exercise.

That is, the oxygen in the muscle is consumed because the intensity of activity is so high that the bloodstream cannot meet the oxygen demand of the muscle, so aerobic exercise is performed slowly and for a long time, eliminating body waste and metabolism.

Increases fat and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

The most common types are hiking – jogging – stationary and moving bicycles to choose from.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers to do it.

workouts lose weight
Workouts lose weight

Get to know the fuzzy fat code
The fact is that there is no miracle way to lose weight.

All the talk about weight loss with medication is magical or has a lot worse side effects than obesity.

So the best way to lose weight Unfortunately, not necessarily the most comfortable and enjoyable way, at least not at the beginning, is to lose weight and resist the temptations of good-looking, well-oiled food and exercise and sweat.

There is no other way than this. Below are some types of fat burning exercises.
Kickboxing: This exercise usually burns about 800 calories per hour.

This exercise keeps your body in agility and agility with high mobility and the use of different muscles. The heart is also well-trained and strengthened by many surgeries.

Cycling: This exercise also burns about 700 calories of energy per hour.

Just be sure that you have walked a distance of about 20 to 25 kilometers.


It consumes about 500 calories per hour. Not every dance, of course, but a dance called Zumba.


This exercise also burns about 600 calories per hour. It also gives the athlete good energy and vitality.


Exercise II is the mother of most sports and is a great way to maintain health and fitness. You can burn about 650 calories of fat per hour. However, your speed should be such that you run one kilometer every six minutes.

Can you lose weight by exercising? exercise to lose weight
Workouts lose weight


This sport can be used easily as it can be done in small spaces and does not require special procedures or equipment. One hour of rope burns 780 calories, which is a considerable amount. According to research, if you can run 1740 meters (one mile) every 8 minutes, you will consume energy equivalent to the same rope duration. So by doing this exercise you can easily burn extra fat wherever you are.

Overall why it is wise to do something that regrets flour! Do not overeat so that we are not wasted so that we do not become obese so as not to suffer a thousand pains.

On the one hand, exercise becomes a good habit after a while and you become an addict to exercise and what a good addiction!

Cycling is the best exercise to treat obesity
Cycling is one of the five important exercises for treating obesity and of course very popular exercise. In fact, cycling is a good starting point for someone who wants to incorporate a great aerobic or cardiovascular exercise into their budget.

Not only because the exercise is relatively inexpensive but also because it puts less pressure on the knee and ankle joints.

Using the bike is also very convenient.

For a few hundred pounds or dollars, you can buy one.

You can get bikes designed with adjustable seats to suit any body shape and size to provide the comfort you need during exercise.

You can also choose a standing or sleeping bike.

Sleep bikes are designed to provide lumbar support and better training on the lumbar muscles.
Depending on your speed, this exercise can actually be a calorie burner. Outdoor riding has always been more fun, but if you have the time limit, you can ride a good quality fixed bike.

This is my favorite way. What do you think about riding while watching TV? You can burn between 500 and 1,000 calories per hour by cycling.

How Much Exercise Is Enough?

Starting a daily workout should be as much as obese.

You can increase the intensity and duration of exercise after you get fit and lose weight early.

The minimum body fat consumed to achieve fitness is estimated at 2 kcal per week.

Its optimum weight loss rate is around 2 kcal per week.

In rapid pacing, metabolism speeds up to four times the rest.

By simple calculation we find that a person weighs at least seven kilograms a week.
For other activities energy consumption can also be calculated.

However, most people with obesity are not fully prepared to do a certain amount of physical activity.

Another group is exempt from doing a lot of exercise because of heart disease and hypertension

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