workouts for smaller waist

workouts for smaller waist

Misconceptions about workouts for smaller waist

If you are planning to add exercise to your lifestyle or are into exercise, you may have noticed by now that there are many right and wrong beliefs about exercise, diet and fitness that are sometimes very difficult and sometimes impossible to diagnose.

You will even hear suggestions that are in stark contrast to what you already know because they know these recommendations are correct, so you need to become more familiar with common misconceptions to avoid potential injuries during exercise.
In this section on updatebody, we introduce some of the misconceptions in workouts for smaller waist, why they are wrong.

smaller waist
workouts for smaller waist

Misconceptions in workouts for smaller waist

  1. Shaping the body using light weights with many repetitions

Another belief is that many women use light dumbbells with a lot of repetition, which only increases muscle endurance.
There is a concern for women that they will gain a masculine physique if they use weights.

But fortunately, women’s bodies do not have enough testosterone to build large muscles, and if they use weights, they will only lose weight, which is exactly what they are looking for.

So to lose weight, replace light dumbbells with heavier weights less often to put pressure on the muscles. After resting, eat the necessary nutrients to strengthen them.

Increasing muscle mass, because you will feel more powerful, increases metabolism at rest and makes the body more beautiful.
By choosing a heavy weight, do the right exercise 10 to 12 times.
Do it 3 times for each movement and rest for 45 seconds between each set.

  1. Exercise on an empty stomach – workouts for smaller waist

According to research, a full stomach does not have the effect of burning calories, but skipping meals before exercise reduces muscle mass.
Before craving an exercise drink, you should know that a sip of this sugary drink strengthens the muscles, but other artificial additives, the same drink, are harmful to health.

So before exercising, use natural sweet fruits such as bananas, peaches and mangoes, or drink an ounce of dark chocolate to get the amount of caffeine in half a cup of coffee, because chocolate makes you feel good, called neurotransmitters.

  1. Aerobic exercise is the best way to lose weight – workouts for smaller waist
    Aerobic exercise is one of the most important exercises for most women.
    It is believed that calories must be burned to burn fat.
    But there are several reasons why this belief is wrong.


The body gets used to the exercises – workouts for smaller waist

Eventually the body will get used to these exercises and as a result, as the metabolism slows down, the body begins to store energy.

Break muscle mass

Long sessions of aerobic exercise cause muscle mass to be broken. Muscle volume is very important because it requires a lot of energy to maintain them.

So more calories are burned during rest.
To solve this problem and maintain muscle mass, endurance exercises should be done 3 to 4 times a week and aerobic exercises should be done two to three times a week.

  1. Go to the gym to workouts for smaller waist – workouts for smaller waist

Going to the gym allows for a variety of exercises, but it is not necessary.
Building a small club at home is not a difficult task.
Exercises that are done with body weight do not require equipment.

Just preparing dumbbells in different weights, a bench and a training ball is enough to do any exercise at home.
By using different exercise programs and repeating their movements, you no longer need a coach.

  1. The secret to slimming is to eat less – workouts for smaller waist

When working with weights and bodybuilding, the appetite increases, which indicates that the body needs proper nutrition to strengthen and grow muscles.
Half an hour after bodybuilding, a protein drink is appropriate.
Whey protein powder mixed with half a banana is great for strengthening muscles.

For years, it has been thought that weight training stimulates the body to secrete growth hormone and bone density. It has even been proven that working with weights in boys near puberty causes bones to thicken.

Do sit-ups to reduce the size and melt belly fat.

Sit-ups, like other bodybuilding activities, are part of anaerobic exercise.
In this type of exercise, the body uses glycogen stores and long-term aerobic exercise should be done for 40 minutes to lose excess fat.

  1. Work hard to lose weight – workouts for smaller waist

Fast weight loss does not require strenuous daily exercise because muscle growth is at rest, not when you are lifting weights.
If you do not get enough rest, you will experience exercise such as anorexia, fatigue and sleep problems.

Therefore, 48 hours of rest is needed between training days on each muscle.
There is nothing wrong with exercising daily, but you should not train on one muscle for two days in a row.

  1. Aerobic exercise should be low intensity to keep the heart rate in the range of fat burning – workouts for smaller waist

Although a large percentage of fat is burned in low-intensity aerobic exercise, you are no longer able to enjoy the benefits of high-intensity cardio, such as interval or plyometric exercise.
Short bursts of intense aerobic exercise burn a lot of calories in a short period of time, in addition to keeping the metabolism high after exercise.

These exercises are useful for increasing cardiovascular health.
When you do interval training for a while, your resting heart rate also decreases, which is almost suitable for 20 minutes of aerobic exercise.
These exercises can be done with a stationary bike, outdoor running, elliptical machine and treadmill.

Another type of aerobic exercise is plyometric or jumping exercises that increase metabolism a lot, such as running on stairs or mountains.
Do one session of low-intensity aerobic exercise a week, but try to do shorter, more intense exercises.
Add to your exercise program.

lose weight and slimming
workouts for smaller waist
  1. Rest Fridays – workouts for smaller waist
    Risks and carelessness over the weekend can nullify the success you have achieved during the week.
    People usually like to sleep, do not exercise and eat heavy meals on Fridays and holidays.

As a result, if they have lost half a kilo during the week, for example, they will add the same on the holiday or prove their weight, which will make the activities worthless during the week.

More exercise increases appetite and more obesity – workouts for smaller waist

Exercise does not increase appetite but has a regulating role.
To achieve the right weight and maintain fitness, you must be steady in performing balanced activities and daily exercises.

Adherence to regular exercise and diet will definitely help you lose weight.
Increasing exercise results in burning more calories and losing more weight.
The ideal weight is achieved by following a proper diet and exercising.

With a little care you will notice that when you reduce your activity such as retirement, car use, getting closer to work and living together and things like that, you have gained weight.

Improper and non-standard use of a treadmill at home can cause inappropriate changes in the body fat system, so if used without a proper program, the treadmill can have the opposite effect of weight loss and fat burning in the body. Aerobic exercise and treadmill running require you to increase your energy output.

  1. With slimming supplements, you do not need exercise and diet! – workouts for smaller waist

In addition to nutritionists, the labels of all slimming supplement products remind you that to lose weight, you must follow a healthy diet and regular exercise because none of the slimming supplements can replace exercise and diet.
The side effects of these supplements were overlooked.

For example, when using Alli pills, you should follow a low-fat diet (up to 15 grams of fat per meal), because if you do not follow, you will suffer from side effects.

Alli supplementation prevents fat from being absorbed by the gut, and fats will be excreted instead of being absorbed by the body. Therefore, if you consume too much fat, you will have difficulty in defecation and the person will suffer from diarrhea.
In addition, important and essential fat-soluble vitamins are excreted from it instead of being absorbed by the body.

  1. Excessive sweating in exercise causes weight loss – workouts for smaller waist

Excessive sweating during exercise has no effect on weight loss. When exercising, wearing loose-fitting cotton clothing allows for an easy exchange of body temperature.
Athletes’ perception of weight loss may be due to wearing nylon clothes and sweating a lot.
But it should be noted that this is a temporary way to lose weight because it reduces weight by one to two kilograms due to dehydration.

  1. Do not consume carbohydrates in the evening near bedtime – workouts for smaller waist

Depending on your goals, it can be a right or wrong idea.

If you go to the gym in the evening and do strenuous exercise, you should use enough carbohydrates after training and before bed to strengthen and recover.
Of course, it should be noted that burning calories and building muscle at the same time is not possible.

  1. Painless exercise is useless – workouts for smaller waist

You may think that exercise that does not cause body pain is useless. But you may need to pay attention to your body pain and recognize it. Some pains are good and some are bad.

For example, to relieve pain in the soft tissues of the body, stretching exercises can be performed. But if the pain is repeated in the joints, ligaments and muscles, it is dangerous and you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Exercise machines are safer than weights – workouts for smaller waist

This is somewhat true because weights are not likely to fall on the body, but these devices also cause damage to the body.
In general, exercise machines cause chronic joint pain by limiting the range of motion, so make sure you move properly before working with any device.

  1. Stretching before exercise can prevent injury – workouts for smaller waist

Some people think that by doing stretching exercises before starting exercise, possible injuries can be prevented, which is a misconception.
In fact, doing these movements on their own may cause more damage.

For this reason, it is better to do some cardio back exercises before starting the exercise to warm up and prepare the body for heavier movements.
Postpone stretching until after exercise.

exercise causes weight loss
workouts for smaller waist

The right way to lose weight and slimming – workouts for smaller waist
To lose weight, you should follow the tips that reduce body fat:
By limiting or increasing activity, you can not reduce the percentage of fat because we know the experience of these methods.
To reduce fat and weight, you need to change your lifestyle and eating habits.

Eating habits of overweight people, such as restaurant menus, are recorded in their minds.
For example, just as a chef knows in advance what foods should be served to customers today, so the mind of obese people knows what behaviors to put on their agenda to add fat.

For this reason, if overweight people have the same behavior towards different foods.
For example, the behavior they have at home and in front of the dining table is not much different from their behavior in front of the self-service table of a restaurant.
Because in any case, they use their best power to eat food and the only difference in their behavior is the variety of food choices.

Given this dietary behavior, it is clear that these recipes are inspired by a source that does not care about the content and variety of food and only the amount of food consumed.

For example, the eye sees the differences, the hand touches the differences, the ear hears the differences, and the tongue tastes the differences, but the only organ that is unable to understand these differences is the mind, which is the source of the command and diet. It is because it does not pay attention to variety and only focuses on the volume and amount of food.
Which is perfectly normal because consuming more food than the body needs causes some of it to be converted into fat and stored in the body.

The weight of the bones and other organs of obese people and a fit person do not differ much from each other, and the most common difference between them is the amount of fat stored in the body.

Therefore, to lose weight, you should look for a method that reduces the percentage of body fat, and the only basic method to achieve the ideal weight and lose weight is a method that is commensurate with the power of the mind.

tip :

As mentioned, to lose weight, more exercises should be done than people who want to gain weight. To reduce the percentage of fat, 3 to 5 times a week for 20 to 40 minutes of exercise is appropriate.

To gain weight, resistance training should be done because aerobic exercise will not have the desired result, but 20 minutes of walking twice a week is effective.

It should be noted that the type of exercise or physical activity, the amount of consumption and the quality of different calories (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) in the body are effective.
In addition, researchers believe that lack of sleep causes the body to store fat because it reduces fat burning.

Adequate sleep also provides good energy for exercise.
In general, it is very important to exercise more intensely in less time, proper nutrition, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep to achieve fitness.

workouts for smaller waist

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