WiFi Dangers

WiFi Dangers : 6 important points

WiFi Dangers : 6 important points

Risks of Wi-Fi and its impact on family health
The dangers of Wi-Fi are so serious that serious and costly research has been done in European countries for many years, and even one of the published articles mentions it as a way to burn the brains of family members.

“Wi-Fi is one of the most important inventions in technology because it is one of the few inventions that almost all age groups are involved in using it, and even babies who are not able to use it are exposed to radiation.”

Since the introduction of this technology phenomenon, scientists have conducted many studies on the dangers of using and the side effects of Wi-Fi radiation, the result of which was clear and, of course, shocking!

Yes, WiFi has a very negative effect on physical and mental health.

One of the most important side effects of using Wi-Fi and actually being exposed to Wi-Fi radiation is damage to children and brain cells.

In 2008, an American scientist presented a study entitled “Brain Control with a Mobile Phone” in which he described the harms of using Wi-Fi in a categorized way, including:

1- WiFi causes insomnia: – WiFi Dangers
You must have noticed that you have insomnia after working for hours with your mobile phone.

Studies show that people who are exposed to electromagnetic radiation experience significant changes in their sleep patterns and fall asleep later than others.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not expose yourself to cell phones and Wi-Fi devices not only in the late hours of the night when the body is ready for sleep, but even in sleep.

As mentioned earlier, even charging a cell phone in the bedroom can cause insomnia and serious brain problems.

2- Disrupts the growth and repair of cells: – WiFi Dangers
To prove this, the researchers placed a number of plants in a room without Wi-Fi and a number of others in a room with Wi-Fi, and after 2 weeks the result was the same as expected.

The plants were grown in a free room without Wi-Fi, but the plants exposed to Wi-Fi did not grow.

3- WiFi harms the child’s development: – WiFi Dangers
In 2009, Australian researchers found that Wi-Fi radiation affected protein synthesis and slowed a child’s growth significantly.

4- WiFi weakens women’s mental activities: – WiFi Dangers
Thirty people volunteered for the study, 15 of whom were men and 15 of whom were women.

They first performed a simple test of brain function and then were exposed to and working with 2.4 MHz Wi-Fi for 45 minutes.

The result was not pleasant for women!
Because after this period, the previous test was performed again and the women got a worse result than before.

Wi-Fi devices
WiFi Dangers

5- Using WiFi causes infertility in men and women: – WiFi Dangers
Negative tapping of Wi-Fi and electromagnetic radiation is not only on sperm and can also attack the ovaries.

Wi-Fi networks and the radiation emitted from them also affect sperm motility and cause DNA to break down.

In a research study in a laboratory, mice were exposed to Wi-Fi for 2 hours daily for 45 days, and after 45 days, they found that both male and female mice had significantly their Decreased.

They had lost and the ovaries had become very weak in female implanted mice.

6- Cancer Wi-Fi is related to cancer: – WiFi Dangers
Concerns about cancer are always associated with humans in the world of technology.

In fact, it must be said that the carcinogenicity of Wi-Fi has not yet been proven and there is no clear consensus among researchers and scholars around the world.

However, the results of studies on laboratory samples show that exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of cancerous tumors.

How do we limit these risks? – WiFi Dangers
There is no simpler and clearer answer than keeping yourself away from Wi-Fi rays.

When you are done with these tools, stay away from them.

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