Why do i sweat a lot

Why do i sweat a lot and 7 very important points

Why do i sweat a lot and 7 very important points

What are the symptoms of excessive sweating and how to eliminate it?

All men and women who care about their beauty and the way they dress in public and places face a great challenge.
Body sweat!

Sweating, which usually occurs in all seasons, especially in the hot summer months, is caused by the excretion of toxins through skin cells with a small amount of water.

This action occurs around the clock and with metabolism and catabolism in the body and is not considered a disease in principle.

But in many cases it has embarrassed the person.

In this article, we will provide you with some ways to slow down or stop sweating.

Step 1: Quickly eliminate the bad smell of sweat
1- Perfume and spray
This method is the most common way to quickly eliminate the bad smell of sweat from the body.

Sprayed aromatic particles sit widely on the skin and eliminate the odor of perspiration as well as deodorize the body.

However, as the perfume quickly dissipates, it does not last long and will not help prevent re-transpiration.

2- Water and lemon
In general, lemon is one of the antibacterial and antifungal citrus fruits.

By combining some water and fresh lemon, you can eliminate body odor.

Simply dip a clean cotton cloth into the mixture and place it under the armpit. Rub the soles of the feet.

This method is also a quick way to get rid of unpleasant body odor.

Note: Lemon has a strong acidic property and if it is not diluted with water, there is a possibility of skin inflammation and subsequent problems, so if you feel hot and burnt after this method, wipe the whole composition from the body with water and a few hours later with Try a thinner combination.

3- Hand disinfectant
It is usually part of picnic and travel items and is used when soap and water are not available for washing.

Now, you need to eliminate the bad smell of sweat in an emergency, you can rub some disinfectant on your fingers and then contact your fingers to the desired location.

Step 2: Permanently eliminate bad breath by changing your lifestyle

4- Take a shower every day – Why do i sweat a lot
As we all know, bathing helps a lot to eliminate the bad smell of sweat, but if this practice is repeated regularly and daily, it can keep the bad smell away from your body in general.

When bathing, be sure to wash away hard and distant areas and continue to do so until dead cells are removed from the surface of your skin (which causes an unpleasant odor).

5- Wash your clothes regularly.-Why do i sweat a lot
Wearing unwashed clothes is another way of producing bacteria that include bad breath on the surface of the skin. you do not wash your clothes after sweating a lot, you will not feel comfortable the next day after wearing them.

Always try to make your clothes smell fresh.

6- Pay more attention to your diet. -Why do i sweat a lot
Some foods inherently have a large effect on the body’s sweat system.

Avoid eating these foods as much as possible:
Spicy foods
garlic and onion

As a suitable and healthy alternative to the above, you can:
A variety of vegetables
Dried fruits
Useful oils (olive and avocado)
Mint and Rose Marie
Add to your diet.

7-Avoid anxiety.
Stress has a direct effect on the body’s apocrine glands.

These glands are located under the skin and are responsible for secreting sweat.

So with excessive anxiety and stress, your sweating rate will increase and your body will get an unpleasant odor.

To escape from daily anxiety, you can do meditation (rest without any thought) or yoga. Worship, prayer and reading the scriptures will also help to relax your body as much as possible.

Why do i sweat a lot

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