Weight gain after marriage

Weight gain after marriage

Weight gain after marriage

Are you upset about your spouse’s obesity and would you like him to lose weight?
Has your spouse’s body changed significantly since you got married?

Does it make sense to ask her to lose weight?
In most cases, experts explicitly forbid this;
However, more solutions may be considered, which we will mention in this section on Updatebody.

Gaining weight after marriage
weight gain after marriage

Weight gain in a marital relationship
Gaining weight for your partner may mean you spend less time together.
For example, if you used to enjoy engaging in a variety of physical activities together and your partner is no longer able to continue these days because of his or her weight, part of your relationship may be damaged.
Evidence shows that working with each other also increases your emotional connection.

If your spouse has gained significant weight, you may be concerned about his or her health.
For example, you may worry that your spouse’s weight gain will make his or her life shorter and more prone to chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Weight gain and attractiveness
You may also feel that your spouse is less attractive due to weight gain.
So does it make sense to ask him to change accordingly?
You may be surprised to hear what some experts believe.

Some say, “If your spouse is significantly different in size, weight loss may be right for him or her.”

Others say, “When a person is overweight, the balance changes relative attractiveness, and all relationships are built to some degree.”

It is part of our nature to choose our spouses based on their attractiveness.
While there has been a significant change in his appearance, there is no excuse for his selfish and hurtful desires.
So if you want to talk about weight gain in a loving and supportive relationship, relative attractiveness should not be a driving force.

If you are tempted to encourage your spouse to lose weight because of his or her physical attractiveness, it is time to wait a while and ask yourself if your motivations stem from love and affection?
Is there another solution?

The best ways to help your spouse lose weight
First of all, help your spouse to live healthier, the desire to make lifestyle changes and even lose weight in order to live healthier your spouse, when it makes perfect sense to actually support him in creating healthy habits alongside Each other creates a stronger bond between you.

But articulating the issue of being overweight, given your good intentions, can have devastating consequences.
How you communicate, your concerns and your support is key.
Here are some tips to help you get started:

Let your spouse take the lead:
In general, your spouse should talk about his or her worries about being overweight, if you take the initiative, do not talk unkindly and disrespectfully.

Focus on health, not weight and fitness:
Losing weight does not mean having a slim body.
Focus on your spouse’s health and behavior instead of weight and appearance.
Consider that hearing that you wish to have a healthier and more active life with your spouse is much different than just trying to lose weight.

Support him:
Research shows that people who have lost weight have been the ones who are constantly supported.
Ask her if she is trying to lose weight and what you can do to help her.

Do not blame him, blame or sin:
No one is perfect, so stop blaming each other.

Do things in pairs:
People often emulate their health habits from those around them.
A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that if one couple is committed to exercise, the other couple is more likely to follow.

So to get started, choose activities that you can do together, such as walking home after dinner or cycling.

Never use the phrase “be ashamed”:
Humiliating comments about your spouse’s weight or eating habits, even when your comments are humorous, can negatively affect your relationship and may even lead to more weight gain.

Understand that weight gain can be a vicious cycle:
You may feel depressed when you realize that you are gaining weight. Sometimes you can encourage your spouse to lose weight instead of insulting and ignoring the human dimension due to being overweight.

Other points weight gain after marriage

All relationships are subject to change and debate.
The coronavirus epidemic has added more pressure to individuals and couples.
When people are stressed, gaining weight is not uncommon and now may not be the time to encourage change.
If your spouse’s weight gain has become a major topic of discussion in your life, communicating with him or her, respect, and friendship are key.

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