weak eyes

Weak eyes : Very important points

weak eyes : Very important points

Common Mistakes That Have Bad Eyes:
Widespread use of computers and phones is a serious risk to eye health, which, if ignored, can lead to blindness, which is a warning to people associated with these devices.

Using a computer to stare at a smartphone screen for hours puts pressure on the eyes.

Because the eye tries to focus more than anything else.

Twenty years ago, children played outside, and most of their vision was far-sighted.

Most children today work with a computer at home or at school.

Doctors and ophthalmologists warn that cell phone light and other electronic devices such as computers, tablets and flat screen TVs can lead to long-term eye damage.

In a new study of 2,000 people, British researchers found that people under the age of 25 check their phones 32 times a day.

“Purple blue light is potentially dangerous and toxic to the back of the eye,” says Andy Hepworth, an eyewear expert.

So over a long period of time it can potentially damage the eye. According to him, when you look at the screen of a smartphone, the light that shines is blue-purple.

Ophthalmologists say that although “good” blue light, or cyan light, is needed to regulate the body’s biological clock, on the other hand, purple-blue can upset sleep patterns and affect mood.

“Although we do not know of a direct link between this type of light and eye problems, strong laboratory evidence suggests the potential for such a link,” says Dr. Hepworth.

weak eyes

According to him, what causes pressure on the eyes is a combination of not blinking and keeping the phone close to the eyes.

Blinking when using a computer and mobile phone is very important.
This re-moisturizes your eyes and protects them from drying out.

the eyes

Studies show that when people work with a computer, they blink five times less than normal, which is a warning.

The tears evaporate faster due to less blinking and the eyes become dry.

Because the air in most offices is dry, this causes more tears to evaporate and more likely to cause dry eyes.

If you have experienced dry eyes, ask your ophthalmologist for suitable artificial tears to use during the day.

In other words, you should not confuse emollient drops with drops that eliminate redness of the eyes, the latter only makes your eyes look better.

By making the veins on the whites of the eyes smaller, they make the eyes look whiter.

But these drops do not have the necessary ingredients to relieve dry eye and irritation.

Do this exercise, blink 10 times every 20 minutes as you fall asleep (very slowly) and moisturize your eyes this way.

weak eyes

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