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water drink lose weight

how much water should i drink to lose weight?

water drink lose weight – Why should water be necessary for fat burning?
Surely we have all heard that drinking a lot of water is good for weight loss.
Aside from the 2.5 kg body weight that water contains, did you know that drinking a lot of water will also burn fat?
While eating a healthy diet and maintaining a good exercise program, drinking water is also a vital step in maintaining proper body function and helping to burn fat.

Many nutritionists about some of the health benefits of drinking the right amount of water and how it can improve your overall health Have explained.

water drink lose weight and Consume fewer calories
Eating too much and supplying unwanted calories to the body can lead to weight gain and fat.
Nutritionists suggest that drinking plenty of water helps the body feel full, thus reducing the chances of getting too many calories.

Consuming fewer calories does not cause fat to be burned or lost, but if the body relies on glycogen to provide energy instead of ketones (related to ketogenics), fat burning will occur.

water drink lose weight
water drink lose weight

Water plays an important role in the fat burning process
Water plays a direct role in our body’s ability to burn fat.
The process of lipolysis (fat breakdown) requires water – the first step in fat breakdown is called hydrolysis, to which water is basically added to break down fat.
Without water, it is physically impossible for our bodies to break down fat, so keep drinking water.

water drink lose weight with Increased metabolism
Each person has a unique metabolism.
Believe it or not, metabolism is directly related to the amount of water we drink daily.
Research shows that drinking enough water boosts our metabolism. Some even believe that drinking water at rest can increase calorie burning.

Increase energy – water drink lose weight
As mentioned, drinking water increases calorie burning at rest and, in fact, metabolism.

Studies have shown that in adults, resting energy consumption increases by 30-30% 10 minutes after drinking water, which normally takes about 60 minutes.

According to another study, drinking cold water by obese and overweight children increased their resting energy by 25%.

how much water should i drink to lose weight
water drink lose weight

water drink lose weight and Kidney support
Do you know that consuming enough water is essential for healthy kidney function?
When the body is not hydrated enough;
The kidneys become a little swollen and eventually the liver is forced to do less.
While our body relies on the proper functioning of the kidneys and liver to survive, the burning of body fat stores also depends on these two (because the liver is directly responsible for burning our body fat stores).

As we have said many times in various sections of updatebody, in fact, if our kidneys are not functioning properly due to lack of water, the liver should focus on kidney function and eventually fat burning will be delayed.

Tip: Once you know the benefits of water, it will be easier for you to drink enough of it daily.

You can take a step closer to health by drinking water, exercising and eating nutrient-rich foods.

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