Water aerobics

Water aerobics

Water aerobics

The importance of water aerobics and Exercise in water
Water aerobics : Exercising in the water is one of the best ways to do an effective, safe and regular exercise in your sports routine.
It is also an excellent stimulant for increasing fitness levels and is an effective mechanism for recovery.
We have dedicated this part of updatebody to examining the benefits and tips of exercising in water.

muscle strength and endurance
water aerobics

Benefits of water aerobics
Exercising in water can help improve health in several different ways:

  1. Increase cardiovascular health
    Exercising in water has many benefits for blood pressure, blood vessels and systolic blood pressure, and in addition, exercising regularly in water increases the body’s aerobic capacity and oxygen supply.
    When we compare water aerobics with aerobic exercise other than water, we see that water exercise has the same effect as aerobic exercise.
    In general, exercise in water can have a very positive effect on the cardiovascular condition.
  2. Increase muscle strength and endurance
    Strengthening the function of the foot as well as increasing the strength in the hands and feet is caused by regular exercise in water. It is very important to know the difference between strengthening the arms and legs in different sports, which is caused by the power of high intensity water in the body.
    Water depth plays an important role in increasing strength.
    Research shows that walking on water is a stimulant to remove excess energy and also improves the shape of your gait and calms your heart rate.
  3. Rehabilitation after injury
    This feature is very important for people who suffer from back and leg injuries or neurological injuries because exercise in a dry environment does not have such an effect.
    Studies show that water exercise reduces the risk of low back pain and disability in this area and improves the overall level of health of people, especially those with chronic low back pain.
    These studies have also been reviewed in people with spinal cord injuries and show that the performance of water sports was higher than that of dry sports for these people.
  4. Improve motor skills
    The mechanical properties of water reduce pressure on the joint, reduce heart rate, improve movement, and reduce the likelihood of falling, resulting in more complex movement patterns in the water.
    A study shows that water exercise can give you more control over your body movements properly.
  1. Burn calories
    Exercising in water is an effective exercise for burning calories.
    Every hour of low-speed swimming burns 423 calories and increases speeds by 715 calories. For those who like to burn more calories, water sports are a good idea.
  2. Improve sleep quality
    Exercising in water has an effect on people who have trouble sleeping and improves living conditions as well as improving the quality of sleep.
    If you have problems with poor quality and shallow sleep, exercising in water will help you.
  3. Improve mental state
    Water sports have a great effect on improving your mental condition, so if you are depressed, go to the pool and help your mood to improve.
  4. Reduce stress
    Research on people who have experienced severe depression and stress in life has shown that their stress and depression have decreased after doing water sports such as swimming.
  5. Low cost and affordable
    You only need a pool to do water sports, so water sports are very affordable.

Who is suitable for water sports?
Pregnant mothers
Pregnant mothers can enjoy the properties and benefits of water sports because mother swimming in the water has a positive effect on the growth of nerve cells and the baby’s brain and prevents hypoxia-ischemia in infants.

Swimming for pregnant women during the early to mid-pregnancy reduces the incidence of birth defects, but pregnant mothers should consult a doctor for swimming in the water because doctors may forbid swimming due to some medical problems.

Each child should do 60 minutes of aerobic exercise during the day. water aerobics are just as useful and aerobic.
Doing water exercise is good for children.

Exercise in water
water aerobics

Patients with MS
Water exercise is beneficial for patients with multiple sclerosis or multiple sclerosis.
During swimming, muscles and limbs are usually suspended by the buoyancy force and can be easily controlled or exercised.
People with MS can greatly reduce the pain of MS by exercising in the water.

People with asthma
People with asthma can control their inhaling and exhaling by exercising water, increase the capacity of their lungs, and have better control over their breathing.
It is best for these people to consult their doctor before going to the pool.

There is a possibility of increasing and aggravating the name disease due to the presence of disinfectants in the pool water. These loved ones can go to a pool that has a more suitable and harmless alternative to chlorination.

People with disabilities
Exercising in water helps to heal some of the pain and restore mobility after severe injuries.

Suggested water sports
There are different types of water sports that have many benefits for you and in this part of updatebody, we will introduce the most important of them to you, which include:

  1. Endurance exercise
    Many water sports are performed in shallow water; So that one can easily touch the bottom of the pool, but on the same shallow water, perform various movements.
    The best exercises you can do in shallow water include shoulder and hip exercises and endurance exercises.
    The resistance that water creates against your body allows you to move your arms and legs in a safe and effective way with a variety of different movements and increase your muscular endurance.
  2. Water aerobics
    Many experts recommend water aerobics, which raises the heart rate too much, increases the overall strength of your body, and improves your breathing.
    For water aerobics, it is usually recommended to use shallow pools between 1 or 1.5 meters. At this level of water, you should enter the water up to your chest and shoulders, that is, 80 to 90% of your body should be in the water.
  3. Double exercise in deep water
    Another effective activity in deep water is doing two exercises.
    Doing so in deeper pools has more benefits; Especially if your neck is completely submerged in water, thus increasing your physical strength.
    People who are strong swimmers can do this sport without any life jackets, but people who are not skilled swimmers can not pull themselves out of the water and must use a life jacket.

Running underwater is like running on land and has many benefits for the heart and arteries and will increase people’s skill level and increase their experience in water sports.

Water aerobics

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