Types of health

Types of health

what is health definition? what are Types of health?

Types of healt : Defining health is about having complete physical well-being,
Psychologically and socially, not just having illness and disability.

The World Health Organization has long defined it with two words health = comfort.

Health or wellness is the provision of complete physical, mental and social well-being of man.

Health is equivalent to the word Health.

According to the Public Health definition,
Health is not just the absence of illness or other defects in the body, but the lack of any mental, social, economic, and physical health problems for any individual in society.

types of health
types of health

What is the Definition of Physical Health:
The most common aspect of health is physical health, which is easier to assess than other aspects of health.


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Physical health is actually due to the proper functioning of the organs.

Biologically proper functioning of cells and organs and their harmony are indicative of physical health.

types of health

Some Symptoms of Physical Health:
Good and natural appearance, proper weight, sufficient appetite,
Comfortable and regular sleep, regular bowel movements,
Not paying attention to one’s own organs,
Fit body, coordinated body movements,
Natural pulse and blood pressure,
Proper weight gain as you grow older,
Relatively constant weight at older ages.


Types of health

What is the Definition of Mental Health:
Obviously, mental health will be more difficult to measure than physical health.

Having a proper response to life’s problems is an important aspect of mental health,
Another point to note here is that many mental illnesses such as anxiety,
Depression and so on affect physical health and there is an interrelationship between mental and physical illnesses.

Mental Health Symptoms:
Compatibility with one’s self and others,
Correct judgment in dealing with issues,
Having a spirit of criticism,
Proper performance in dealing with problems.

What is the definition of spiritual health:
One of the major areas of mental illness and problems and its physical and social consequences is the feeling of emptiness,
Selflessness and shakiness is the spirit that results from the lack of spiritual dimension in individuals.

Faith, the purposefulness of life, moral commitment,
Co-operation, having a good suspicion and paying more attention to the spiritual issues of life reduces anxiety,
Shaky soul and its complications.

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