TRX workout

TRX workout

TRX workout : The machine life style is the biggest threat to the health of today’s society.
Many sports physiologists believe,
Significant results can be achieved in community health by increasing physical activity levels.

It may be possible to claim that devoting at least half an hour a day to proper exercise can have remarkable effects on community health.

But it is important to know that just as you need help with the use of medical drugs to show the effectiveness of the drug in your body,
if in Exercises you can’t get the right tips, you will have trouble.


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Athletes and people who are practicing fitness,
they know TRX is very good.

This device, which includes a dual-cache,
helps you to have a variety of exercises to strengthen your muscles,
especial TRX workout for abs.

This exercise can improve and strengthen muscle strength in the abdomen, trunk, and forearm.
It will also have beneficial effects on the muscle.

 TRX workout
TRX workout

first stage – TRX workout for abs
While TRX is connected to the short ceiling.
Place your hands on the ground and place your legs on the TRX.
The wrists are beneath the shoulders and the trunk, shoulders,
and legs along a flat line are almost parallel to the ground.
Try your eyes to look between your hands.
Your head in this exercise is kept constant all the time.

second stage – TRX workout for abs
The hands, while standing on the ground, should bend the legs and bring your ankles close to your hands.
In this situation, the trunk moves upwards and the legs are bent from the knee and close to the hands.
Stay in this situation for 3 seconds.

third stage – TRX workout for abs
At this stage, you should slowly move the legs to the original position.
When the legs reach the initial position, you have to pause a bit.
Run the second step again.
Practice this exercise for 5 times and then rest.

We do not recommend this exercise for all people of different ages who do not suffer from chronic pain in the spine and arms.
Of course, the background of this move is that your hands are able to keep your weight.
If you have pain in the elbow and wrists, do not practice this exercise.
The repetition in this run depends on your level of readiness.
Do it carefully for the correct exercise.

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