Pomegranate juice

Treatment of polyps : 1 natural and important solution

Treatment of polyps : 1 natural and important solution

Pomegranate juice and its role in the treatment of nasal polyps
Pomegranate contains minerals such as sodium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sugar compounds sucrose, glucose, fructose and malic acids, citric and useful antioxidants.

Researchers at the American Academy of Sciences have found that consuming pomegranate juice prevents prostate cancer.

Recent research has shown that pomegranate juice is also effective in preventing the growth of enzymes that cause joint inflammation and cartilage loss.

Pomegranate juice has anti-cancer properties and pomegranate strengthens the heart, is fun, repels fat, removes toxins from most internal infections, repels heat, makes blood, purifies the blood, refreshes and refreshes the skin, and in addition to opening the voice and muffling the sound.

Is the best medicine to strengthen the kidneys.

Eating pomegranate seeds is far better than drinking pomegranate juice, but those who have a weak stomach should consume this heavenly fruit as pomegranate juice.

To treat wounds inside the nose or excess flesh on the wounds, a mixture of boiled pomegranate juice and honey is used.

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