Treatment of migraine

Treatment of migraine headache : 1 important temporary method

Botox injection and its positive effect on the treatment of migraine headache

Today, Botox is not only used to remove skin wrinkles, but also to many people who have often spent half their lives with headaches, using it as a treatment to relieve their headaches.

Botox injections in many migraine patients can cut or prolong the interval between headache attacks for three to four months.

Scientific secretary introduced a new method of treating chronic migraine headaches with the help of Botox injections and said: “Of course, the effect of Botox in the treatment of migraine headaches is temporary and does not last more than four months.”

The scientific secretary of , introduced headache as the most common reason for patients to refer to neurologists and said: “Among these, migraine headaches have a high prevalence.”

“Botox is a well-known drug that has been used for various diseases for decades,” he said, noting that one of the relatively new ways to treat migraine headaches is by injection.

The neurologist added about the use of Botox in neurological diseases: “Previously, Botox was used for diseases that weakened the limbs and was used to prevent paralysis of the limbs and create effects for three to four months.”

He did not prevent the accumulation of limbs from physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments.

“Currently, the only case where Botox is used for treatment and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration is for the treatment of chronic migraine headaches,” added.

He said that Botox for the treatment of chronic migraine headaches is injected in a completely scientific way all over the world ,
he said: I need to say that the patient must have a series of minimum conditions.
Of course, it should be said that not every doctor has experience in this field and it is necessary to refer to a person who has the necessary skills.

“The effect of Botox in the treatment of migraine headaches is temporary and does not last more than four months,” the neurologist said.

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