Treadmill doctor

Treadmill doctor

Treadmill doctor or workout mistakes with treadmills

Walking and running outdoors is much better than a treadmill, but for some reason it is not possible to do it daily, such as air pollution or lack of opportunity, etc., which are good reasons to use a treadmill.

Exercising with a treadmill is an aerobic exercise for the heart as long as the form of your standing on it is appropriate so that you can get the most out of it and burn calories very quickly.

Most people use a treadmill to lose weight and get fit, while others seek to increase the efficiency of their cardiovascular and respiratory systems or to strengthen their muscles.

Used properly, the treadmill can be a very useful tool, but if used improperly, it can cause pain in many parts of the body, such as the spine, pelvis, knees, legs or ankles.

In the section on updatebody, it has been said that there are some mistakes when using a treadmill that slow down the achievement of results.
You can also prevent muscle pain and cramps by following the correct form.

mistake in using a treadmill
Treadmill doctor

Treadmill mistakes or Treadmill doctor

  1. The process of going to the treadmill – Treadmill doctor
    The first mistake in using a treadmill is when the conveyor is moving at full speed. To go on it you must:

Guide the abdomen inward and bring the pelvis forward.
Now pretend that a rope is attached to your head, pull the rope with your hand and this way your upper body will be directed upwards in the direction of your hips and buttocks.
Allow your shoulders to rotate back as well.
Go to the treadmill when you are sure you are straight and straight.
Stand with one foot on one side of the treadmill.
Fasten your seat belt to protect your body from falling.
Find the emergency stop key.
Move the treadmill at a slow speed.
Pay attention to the speed of the treadmill and walk on it carefully.
Remind yourself to maintain these postures while exercising and check your posture and form each time you change speed or posture.
Slowly increase your speed after you get on the treadmill screen.

These tips may seem unnecessary, but many athletes are incredibly damaged when the conveyor is moving too fast.
Another issue with treadmill safety is when the conveyor is moving quickly and children are playing behind the treadmill, injuring their fingers and hands.

Treadmill doctor
It is best to keep children away when using a treadmill.

  1. Avoid bending your shoulders and looking down: – Treadmill doctor
    By bending your shoulders and looking down while exercising, reading and watching videos on the treadmill console, you are actually reinforcing your bad walking habit.
    Your time when using the treadmill should be spent on good habits, not hurting yourself during exercise and throughout the day.

The proper walking position on the treadmill is to keep your eyes facing forward.
If you need to have fun on the treadmill, adjust your video or content so that your head and eyes are not up and down.

Bad form of walking on a treadmill can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain and prevent you from breathing fully and properly, even if you keep your shoulders back for a few minutes during the workout.

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  1. Avoid holding the handle: – Treadmill doctor
    Holding the handle interferes with the correct form of standing on the treadmill, although you can be sure that it is sturdy, but it is better to go for it only in case of imbalance and incapacity.
  2. Avoid bending forward and squatting: – Treadmill doctor
    The correct walking position is to stand forward, not to lean back and forth, and finally wait a few moments before descending the treadmill, keeping in mind that this position may also cause a hump. .
  3. Avoid taking long steps: – Treadmill doctor
    The heel of your foot hits the ground more when you take long steps. A number of people do this to walk faster.
    Good and fast walking is the opposite of this movement.
    The heel of your front foot is close to the plate while your back foot stays on the ground to apply strong pressure.

This strong pressure in the back of the foot is to help your muscles burn calories better when you walk at high speed.
So first you have to take short steps and continue this work and put strong pressure on it in each step.

  1. Actively use your feet: – Treadmill doctor
    Is your foot just for running?

    Are they pushed back by every blow from the treadmill?
    The correct way to walk is to hit the ground in front of the foot while continuing to keep the sole of the foot slightly away from the ground.

Just when your toes are on the ground, you are taking the next step and the back foot is now in the back ready to apply the pressure of the next step.

This heel stroke sequence is only possible if you have flexible and comfortable shoes.
If you wear stiff shoes that are only suitable for standing, you may not be able to perform this impact sequence because these shoes force your foot to hit the treadmill and your body may not try to push. , Because this walk is like walking without soles.

Treadmill mistakes
Treadmill doctor

So to correct it, pay attention to a few tips while walking on your feet;
does the heel hit the treadmill plate?
Does the back foot put pressure?

  1. Take long steps – Treadmill doctor
    Taking too long steps to travel longer distances reduces the efficiency of the exercise and spoils the body shape.
    Excessive opening of the legs to cover a larger area of ​​the ground will eliminate the beneficial effect of the exercise.

Because in addition to losing a lot of energy, the risk of injury also increases.
The best way to lift the legs is 3 steps per second, and the height of the steps from the surface of the treadmill should not be too high.

  1. Use your arms as well: – Treadmill doctor
    Your arms are an important key to proper walking. By moving your arms properly, you can run faster and burn more calories.

Keep your hands close to your body until you reach high speed.
When running fast, bend your arms 90 degrees and place them close to your body to make it easier to move.
Keep your shoulders still.
Move your arms once in front and when the opposite foot is in front and vice versa.
Focus more on your arms as they move backwards, such as picking up a wallet in the back pocket of your pants.
Shorten the front movement when your arms are forward.
Your arms can protrude diagonally but do not cross the midpoint.
The movement of your arm should not be higher than your nipple.
Do not hold your hands too tightly or loosely and maintain some freedom.
The secret of these movements is that your legs move just as fast as your arms.
To accelerate your legs, first move your arm faster and focus on it.

  1. Learn your treadmill options: – Treadmill doctor
    Learn how to use a treadmill, not how to turn it on and off.
    If your treadmill is homemade or the one you use most often in the gym, take a few minutes to learn its features and then make the most of it.

Slope: – Treadmill doctor

Most treadmills have the ability to adjust the incline.
Adding more incline allows you to do aerobic exercise and boost your heart rate.
Check your treadmill instructions and change its incline and learn the benefits of working with it.
Many treadmills have pre-programmed programs so that you burn more calories each time you walk uphill.

Speed ​​settings: – Treadmill doctor

Learn how to slow down and increase speed when using a treadmill. Usually start at a slower pace and increase the speed of your workout after 3 to 5 minutes of warming up.

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Pre-planned exercises: – Treadmill doctor

Different treadmill workouts are a great way to improve your fitness.

Heart rate monitor or pulse monitor: – Treadmill doctor

Many treadmills have pulse monitors that are designed as clamps. These clamps help you know what your heart rate is.
However, if you do not connect it properly, you may see strange results.
The heart rate monitor has a more precise strap or clamp that many treadmills are tuned to communicate with.

History of personal training: – Treadmill doctor

Some treadmills store your previous data and exercises so you can see how you are progressing.

Burning calories: – Treadmill doctor

The calories you burn depend on your weight, so you are often asked to enter your weight, but you have to tell the truth, because if you say you are underweight, you will burn fewer calories.
However, the amount of calories you burn when using a treadmill is different from what you see in the bodybuilding group, etc.

Programs : – Treadmill doctor

Some treadmills have a program that you can save your workouts.

  1. Knock feet on the treadmill – Treadmill doctor
    Landing with a flat foot may result in injury.
    Because while walking in this position, your body is constantly leaning back while the treadmill is moving forward.
    As a result, the pressure on the thighs and back causes back muscle damage and loss of balance.

Keep yourself upright as much as possible.
As you walk or run very naturally.
Land on the front or middle of the foot, not on the heels.
When walking, place the entire surface of the sole of the foot on the ground, putting pressure on the muscle.

  1. Do not run too fast – Treadmill doctor
    Just run as fast as you can to keep your body in shape, because if you notice that you are taking long steps, you are leaning forward or looking down, you can prevent these movements by maintaining proper speed And walk right.

If you think your treadmill workout is not good or your body shape is bad at high speed treadmill, add running distance to your walk. Running raises your heart rate.

workout mistakes with treadmills
Treadmill doctor

Treadmill distance running exercises: – Treadmill doctor

Warm up your body at low speed for 3 to 5 minutes.
Increase walking speed while maintaining body shape
Now start walking and increase the speed as you run
Run slowly for 1 to 3 minutes
Increase your brisk walking speed to 3 to 5 minutes
Run slowly for 1 to 3 minutes
Repeat this until the end of your workout and run slowly for 3 to 5 minutes, then turn off the treadmill and wait for your body temperature to drop.

  1. Challenge yourself: -Treadmill doctor
    If you go to the treadmill every day and do the same exercises as before and do not achieve your fitness as you should, it is because your body has accepted these exercises.

To achieve fitness, it is better for your workouts to be different in terms of intensity, time, distance, frequency and manner of exercise. To be sure, increase only one of these components each week.


Intensify your workout by increasing the slope or speed.

Time :

Increase the time you are on the treadmill.
If you exercise for 30 minutes for a few weeks, increase it to a maximum of 45 minutes in between and turn it into 60 minutes after a few weeks.


Fast walking for 30 to 60 minutes on most days of the week or finally 150-300 minutes per week is recommended to reduce health risks.
If you do hard workouts on the treadmill every day, make it easy on holidays.

How to practice:

Try to adapt your body to other sports besides treadmills such as cycling, canoeing, stair climbing and weightlifting.

Challenging yourself If you want to run long in a week, you should not try fast running at the same time. Experience speeding after increasing the time and frequency.

Increase each time by up to 11% of the previous amount. You can also increase the intensity and burn calories by tying weights to the legs or wearing a weight vest that distributes the resistance evenly in the body.

  1. Use of old and inappropriate shoes:
    One of the tools that has a great impact on your athletic performance is choosing the right shoes. The right shoes should have the right function and structure, and only their appearance should not be the criterion for buying.

These shoes should only be used for walking and running because they are not suitable for dance or aerobics classes.
High-heeled running shoes in other sports increase the risk of ankle sprains.
Use shoes that are more balanced in height to climb the slope or move quickly.

  1. Excess in sports:
    Excessive exercise can cause muscle soreness, a faster resting heart rate, and minor aches and pains.
    If you notice any of these symptoms, stop exercising and re-evaluate your workouts to rest.
    Exercising a lot should be done only 2 to 3 times a week. But for general physical fitness, you can do it 3 to 5 times a week.

You have now learned the basics of walking on a treadmill and will use it from now on.

A treadmill is one of the most popular ways to do aerobics because it is comfortable and eliminates the excuses for cold, hot, humid and outdoor weather.

However, you first need a goal to achieve your desired fitness by exercising.

Treadmill doctor


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