Thirst before bed

Thirst before bed and The most important points

Thirst before bed and The most important points

Why do you get thirsty right before bed?
Canadian scientists think they have discovered the cause of bedtime thirst;
In a preventative mechanism, they say, the body’s biological clock stimulates the ‘thirsty neurons’, causing them to feel thirsty before going to sleep, thereby hydrating the body overnight.

A better understanding of the process that leads to feeling thirsty before bedtime helps researchers gain insights into other aspects of daily life that, like shift work, affect the rhythm of the body’s circadian clock.

“Although this study was performed on mice, it shows why we often get thirsty before going to bed and like to drink fluids such as water or milk,”
said researchers at McGill University in Canada.

Based on previous studies, the researchers knew that mice consumed more water before going to bed without being thirsty, but the reason for this was not clear.

Despite knowing that the brain can sense when the body needs water, the researchers hypothesized that the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) – the part of the brain that controls the body’s biological clock – may also be a way to Communicate with ‘thirst neurons’ that stimulate mice to drink water.

This means that the biological clock in mice – SCN – has a feature that can predict when the animal will start sleeping and stimulate the brain to look for needed sources such as water to stay healthy during long periods of sleep. .

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