The size of the human brain

The size of the human brain And the best new tips

The size of the human brain And the best new tips-The size of the human brain
The cause of the greatness of the human brain
Two neuroscientists at Harvard University have come up with a powerful but simple explanation for scientists’ long-held question about the effect of increasing brain size on human abilities.

There are many things that make a human being unique, but of all these, our brains and minds are at the top of this list.

The results of a study by a research team led by Cardiff University computer scientists show that the rapid growth of the human brain in the last two million years, based on a person’s willingness to collaborate with others, on the reputation and credibility of doing so in It follows, it has taken place.

The ratio of brain weight to body in humans is much higher

In a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, a research team led by evolutionary psychologist Professor Robin Dunbar of the University of Oxford found that the brain evolves faster and more in people who are more willing to cooperate.
Show with people on their level or more successful than themselves.

The size of the human brain

The study’s lead author, Professor Roger Whitaker of Cardiff University, noted:
“The results suggest that the evolution of human cooperation, which is key to a happy life, is inherently related to social comparison – judging others and Deciding whether or not we always want to help others.

We have shown that over time, brain evolution occurs more rapidly in people who use strategies to help people at their level or more successful.

In their study, the team used computer simulation to perform hundreds of thousands of simulations, or “forgiveness games,” to reduce the difficulty of using decision-making methods in ordinary humans;
In this way, to understand why certain types of human behavior are reinforced over time.

In each round of the “Forgiveness Game”, two simulated players were randomly selected from the crowd. Then, the first player had to decide whether to give something to the other player or not, given the reputation and position that the job entailed him.

If the player decided to donate something, he would suffer a loss and the recipient would benefit.

Next, each player’s reputation for what they did was updated, and then another game was started.

Judging others may have helped to enlarge the human brain

Compared to other species (like our closest relative “chimpanzees”), the ratio of brain weight to body in humans is much higher. Humans also have the largest cerebral cortex among mammals; Its size also depends on the size of their brain.

This area protects the hemispheres of the brain, which itself has heavier responsibilities such as our memory, thinking and communication.

The research team concluded that judging others to help or not to help them had a significant impact on generational survival.

He also concluded that the constant judgment of human beings has been hard enough to increase the size of the human brain in the human age.

“According to the ‘social brain’ hypothesis, the size of the human brain, which is disproportionately large, is the result of its presence in large and complex social groups,”
said Professor Robin Dunbar, who had previously hypothesized the ‘social brain’.

Our new research reinforces the validity of this hypothesis, and offers new insights into the beneficial role of collaboration in controlling brain evolution.

He somehow concluded that judging others may have helped to enlarge the human brain.

According to the team, this research could also have a significant impact later in engineering;
Especially in situations where intelligent and automated machines have to decide how much kindness and forgiveness to show in momentary interactions.

“The models we can use are represented by short algorithms called ‘exploration processes,'” said Professor Whitaker.

Which allow the device to quickly decide whether to cooperate or not.

New automated technologies, such as distributed wireless networks or unmanned vehicles, have to manage their own behavior, and at the same time, work together in their environment.

The size of the human brain

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