The potato diet

Is Potato Diet a Good Way to Lose Weight? – The potato diet

The potato diet or potato diet is a short-term diet.

This diet is not a balanced diet like other diets.

Proponents of the diet claim that the potato diet is a quick way to lose weight, reduce inflammation, regulate appetite to start losing weight and eat healthier.

This diet was invented by medicine in 1849 because of obesity and malnutrition.

As obesity and digestive problems get worse nowadays and people are always looking for quick ways to fix them, the potato diet was introduced in a good way.


Potato Properties
Potatoes have always been referred to as a fatty diet, but new research suggests that daily intake of this nutrient can be effective in lowering blood pressure without increasing weight.

The study was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania on 18 people with hypertension who also suffered from obesity and obesity and presented their results at the US Congress of Chemistry.

The systolic (maximal) and diastolic (minimum) blood pressures of these subjects were regularly evaluated. After potato intake, mean diastolic blood pressure decreased by 4.3% and systolic pressure by 3.5%, while no increase in weight was observed in this group.

Potatoes are removed from the diet of overweight and obese people more than any other vegetable, because it is believed by people to be high in carbohydrate intake due to high carbohydrates, as if potatoes Don’t be fried and eaten without butter, margarine, cream and mayonnaise, only 110 calories per potato, but it is supplied with many nutrients, including vitamins and useful chemicals.

In this study, potatoes cooked in oven without oil were used.

The important point in this study was that in fried potatoes and chips because of their high heat and high oil content, many of the useful compounds are destroyed and only starch, fat and some minerals remain.

Using the steamed method as well as the oven is the best way to cook potatoes and preserve their nutrients.

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Potatoes are considered one of the diets that claim to lose weight and lose weight in the short term.

This diet is a very easy idea and method that doesn’t cost a lot.

From this diet, it can be said that during this diet, the main ingredient is potatoes, which means that during this diet should be eaten potatoes.

It can be said that this diet is not a balanced diet but it is very effective in rapid weight loss.


Since obesity makes the appearance and shape of the body look ugly and the person loses confidence, he or she switches to a variety of diets.

In addition, high cholesterol can lead to high blood pressure, arthritis, and cardiovascular health. In fact, obesity is the result of dietary deficiencies, hereditary conditions, inactivity, hormone imbalances, and some of the side effects that people bring to their diet to maintain good health.

Proponents and practitioners of this diet, therefore, claim that the potato diet is a quick strategy for weight loss, appetite suppression, and inflammation reduction as well as a healthy way to eat. How to eat potatoes is very effective in weight loss during this diet.


This diet was invented by medicine in the late 1840s due to the obesity and indigestion of the people of that time.

Obesity and overweight are more common nowadays because of the lack of mobility.

So every day people are looking for quick ways to lose weight that the potato diet has re-established to help those overweight lose weight.

the potato diet

The potato diet

Benefits and Features of Potato Diet

• In the short term, it shows great results and weight loss.

• It doesn’t cost a lot for the person.

• Potatoes are incredibly nutritious so they will feel less hungry during the potato diet.

• The person will lose 5 kg in 3 days.

• It is best not to do heavy exercise while exercising.

• This diet is intended for all meals and snacks.

• Consume 1/5 to 2 kg of potatoes during the day.

• Remove as much salt as possible. (If being saltless causes the diet to spill, you can sprinkle a little salt on the potatoes)

• During this diet, you can consume tea, coffee and all kinds of beverages (without sugar and sugar).

• Drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water daily during this diet is recommended.

• Pepper is not an obstacle during the diet.

• Eat potatoes as steamed, steamed, baked, or grilled. The consumption of fries is prohibited.

• Do not store the yogurt and potato mixture in the fridge and cook potatoes for each serving.

Nutritional value of potatoes

The potato diet
Potatoes are a low-calorie, low-fat nutrient.

It can be used for any type of diet.

100 grams of boiled potatoes contain 21 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber, which is 94 calories (about a glass of orange juice).

Potatoes are a good source of vitamins C and B6 and contain a lot of potassium and folic acid.


Fried potatoes and chips contain a lot of fat and calories which is not a healthy way to cook them, especially for a potato diet that is mostly cooked or raw.

Chips and fries are not a source of vitamins from potatoes.


How to diet 3-day potato

The first day of the potato diet

Breakfast: A number of boiled or salted potatoes with a cup of yogurt


Lunch: Two boiled or salted potatoes with one serving of yogurt


Dinner: There are two modules


The second day of the potato diet

Breakfast: It’s a cup of ours


Lunch: Two boiled or salted potatoes with one serving of yogurt


Dinner: a boiled or salted potato with a cup of yogurt

The third day of the potato diet

Breakfast: a boiled potato or salted potato


Lunch: A boiled or salted potato with a cup of yogurt


Dinner: It’s a cup


The time required for a potato diet

The potato diet
According to the physician who invented this diet, the length of time it takes to make this diet depends on the purpose of the individual.

You can continue this diet until you reach your desired fitness level, but keep in mind that you will not lack minerals and vitamins during this diet.

People have been on the diet for ten days, one month, and even a year, but it is better to go for three to five days.

There are also people who follow this diet weekly that is, three days a week, eating the rest of the day and repeating it the following week.


Disadvantages of potato diets – The potato diet

Complete fast diets have disadvantages for the body.

The repetitive process of this diet may make the person tired and tired, which can lead to frustration with the types of diets and obesity.

Many dietary groups are not included in the diet and the body needs to consume all the nutrients.

This diet can cause problems for people with diabetes because of high carbohydrates.


Final word

Scientifically, there is no diet that can slim down in a short period of time without damaging the body.

The best diets are diets that lose two pounds of body weight in one month using all the nutrients, mobility and healthy exercise.