The negative effects of cell phones

The negative effects of cell phones ( important points )

The negative effects of cell phones (important points)

Consequences of overuse of smartphones and their negative impact on the brain

The negative effects of cell phones : Smartphones, especially touch smartphones, lead to disorders in the movement and activity of the brain, which by reading this article, you will surely be careful in using them from now on.

Smartphones are tied to modern life, and unfortunately this knot is too tight to be easily untied, and this has led to concerns expressed by researchers and medical scientists.

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The negative effects of cell phones
The negative effects of cell phones

After careful study, the researchers found that the use of smartphones and touch frequently during the day leads to damage to an important part of the brain because, according to them, there is a direct relationship between the hand and the brain when using This type of mobile phone is created which leads to injuries and brain damage.

A Swiss research team tested 37 volunteers to prove this, 27 of them using smartphones and 10 of them using simple phones with real (not touch) buttons.

By monitoring and controlling their brain movements and reactions during this time, they achieved an important issue regarding brain function in these individuals.

There is a part of the brain called the somatosensory membrane that is responsible for controlling the movements of the hands, fingers, face, pelvis, trunk, and neck.

People who use smartphones with touch screens, this part of their brain becomes weak over time due to poor movement control, somehow undergoes a change in performance and control.

The negative effects of cell phones
The negative effects of cell phones

But people who use regular phones with buttons, with each use of the brain button, get the mode of movement of the fingers and start with the actual movement and pressure of the fingers on the real buttons, and from underemployment and deformation Stay away.

Dr. Gash says:

With each movement of the fingers and other parts of the body, the brain works and prevents aging and deformity, followed by brain disorders.

Unfortunately, this technology disrupts the normal function of the brain and will cause movement disorders in the long run.

He also warned that in the long run, the use of touch smartphones will cause serious problems in the movements of important parts of the body, including the face and hands.

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