The common cold – important points

The common cold – important points

What is the secret of doctors not catching a cold?
Doctors are more surrounded by germs and viruses than anyone else.
They are constantly examining patients who have a cold or the flu. If you listen to the doctors, they must have a common experience: that it has happened many times that patients have sneezed in their faces and even the saliva of a respected patient has entered their eyes. How do you imagine doctors stay healthy in this situation ?!
You should know that doctors have techniques to reduce the chances of getting sick themselves, which protects them from bacteria. Join us to get acquainted with these techniques …

Wash your hands and do not touch your face
Did you know that each of us touches our face about 3,000 times a day? Imagine what would happen if our hands were dirty.

One of the first lessons doctors learn is to wash their hands regularly and not touch their mouth, nose and eyes.

These organs easily transmit germs. That is why we recommend that you wash your hands regularly.

The use of soap is optional. Because soaps dry the hands and irritate and dry the skin.

Take probiotics every day
In addition to improving the health of the intestines and the gastrointestinal tract in general, probiotics strengthen the immune system and fight colds and flu.

A 2009 study published in the journal Pediatrics found that children who took probiotics every day for six months were less likely to develop viral illnesses.

They also have shorter illnesses and less need for antibiotics.

So take probiotic yogurt every day. Because probiotic yogurt, in addition to providing live bacteria, provides the body with valuable nutrients such as calcium and biological peptides.

Reduce sugar intake
Sweet foods or products made from refined flour (without bran) raise blood sugar and thus damage the immune system.

Eat as much fiber-rich foods as you can. Cut down on junk food and sugary drinks as they will weaken your immune system.

Do not smoke
Smoking causes infection and damage to the airways. This “small smoke” weakens the immune system and makes the mucous membranes of the mouth and lungs vulnerable to infection and disease. Each of these injuries is a good reason to quit smoking.

If you think you can not quit smoking alone, consult your doctor to get rid of this “pathogenic odor” more easily.

Exercise regularly
If you are one of those people who are away from Ferrari sports, it is better to reconsider your behavior. In 2006, U.S. researchers conducted a study on two groups of women who were “overweight, obese, housewives, and menopausal.
” One group of these women did light exercise five days a week for 45 minutes a day for a year. While the second group did not have any sports in their daily routine. After a while, in the last trimester of the study, researchers found that women who did not exercise were three times more likely to develop rheumatism. At any age and whatever your weight, do a few minutes of light exercise daily.

Get the flu shot
There is a lot of controversy about the flu vaccine, but if your job is to get on the subway, buses, etc. a lot, that is, you deal with a lot of people in general, it is better to get vaccinated. If in doubt, consult your doctor first and then get this vaccine. In general, the flu vaccine boosts your immunity to winter illnesses.

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