motivation on weight loss

Maintain motivation on the path to weight loss and slimming Weight Loss; It goes beyond choosing a diet and exercise program. Your success depends 100% on your motivation and perseverance. The wrong diet will definitely deprive you of the opportunity to lose weight, and improper exercise can get you back and forth, or it may […]

motivation of exercise

Discover This Surprising New Ingredient for Exercise Motivation Exercise motivation comes in many forms, from managing health conditions to wanting to look good for a high school reunion. Now, researchers have found an especially powerful resource by tapping into emotional memories. A recent study found that asking people to remember previous workouts significantly increased the […]

Workout motivation

Exercise Motivation: the Plus-Size Person’s Solution to Exercise Motivation Weight loss usually requires eating less and moving more. The second half of that formula can be daunting if your size makes you feel uncomfortable at the gym. Solve that dilemma by tapping into exercise motivation on a grand scale. Of course, it’s especially important to […]