longevity : The best way to prolong life

longevity : The best way to prolong life People’s longevity is hereditaryThe result of many years of research in the UK, proves that the longevity of parents is directly related to the longevity of children and even their health. If you take care for your aging parents, your chances of surviving a few years longer […]

The common cold – important points

The common cold – important points What is the secret of doctors not catching a cold?Doctors are more surrounded by germs and viruses than anyone else.They are constantly examining patients who have a cold or the flu. If you listen to the doctors, they must have a common experience: that it has happened many times […]

Surgery for Weight loss : The most important points

Surgery for Weight loss : The most important points The most suitable type of slimming surgery for every person Surgery for Weight loss Slimming surgery, like all other surgeries, has its own risks and is not easier than other surgeries, so it is important to know the main points in this field and what type […]

Obesity : 1 important technique

Obesity : 1 important technique Talking to obese people like this makes them obeseFor some, being kind has another meaning in the treatment regimen, because years ago some experts believed that embarrassing obese people would help them lose weight, but this view is now completely rejected after extensive studies. In a study of 2,944 adults […]

CoolSculpting : 0 to 100 This weight loss method

CoolSculpting : 0 to 100 This weight loss method All about fat reduction with CoolSculptingThe CoolSculpting process removes fat in a safe and effective way, without surgery and without the need for recovery. This fat reduction treatment is the only process approved by the Food and Drug Administration that is completely controlled and eliminates fat-resistant […]

tips for weight gain

tips for weight gain 7 effective weight loss methods that we have ignored! There are many effective but overlooked methods that can help you lose weight.Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to exercising and dieting. Losing weight does not mean spending all your time in the gym, you can achieve […]

how to maintain weight loss

how to maintain weight loss How do people around the world lose weight? What are the secrets of fitness and style of people in European countries? What slimming diet do the Japanese and East Asians get fit? The answer to each of them is their weight loss secrets that you will read in this section […]

Ways to lose weight

Ways to lose weight Simple and practical tips for weight lossWhen it comes to weight loss,we often think of strict diets and fat burning diets, while fitness and weight loss are not all.We have already published dozens of articles under the title of prescriptions, suggestions and tricks for weight loss in Updatebody, but in this […]

weight watchers recipes

weight watchers recipes weight watchers recipes – Find the root cause of your weight comebacksIf you have recently lost weight but have a natural tendency to maintain it despite your natural urges, do not worry because most people who experience significant weight loss will gain weight again and even be unaware of the cause .In […]

Burn calories in sleep

Burn calories in sleep Interesting and important facts about burning calories in sleepBurn calories in sleep : Most people are not aware that they burn calories while sleeping. Although sleep requires less energy than daily activities, your brain is still active during this period and performs certain functions in the body.The exact number of calories […]