Sneezing and sunlight and important points

The reason for sneezing According to researchers, more than 30% of people sneeze while looking at the sun, and this is due to the stimulation of a part of the brain by exposure to sunlight. Many people think that the heat of the sun that reaches the nose causes sneezing. It is not heat. Aristotle […]

Overdose of vitamin D ( 0 to 100 )

Overdose of vitamin D Signs and side effects of taking too much vitamin D Vitamin D is very important for the health of the body and plays several roles in keeping the body cells healthy and functioning properly.Many people do not get enough vitamin D, so it is common to take vitamin D supplements. Although […]

yoga for stress relief

yoga for stress relief 5 yoga techniques for stress reliefyoga for stress relief : These days, yoga is in the mainstream media and shows some unrealistic expectations.For example, our Instagram is full of pictures of beautiful young women who show illustrated models in different situations and attractive places. While consuming this content tends to cultivate […]