Exercise per day

How much exercise per day ? Even 5 minutes a day is useful!The New York Times reported that “5 minutes of running a day has long-term benefits.” Since then, most news reports have suggested that maybe 5 minutes of exercise a day is all you need. But is this statement true?The New York Times story […]

Step up

Step up Step up : Be sure to warm your body before exercise, and cool down your body after tens of exercises. Train sports exercisesYou do not need good exercise.You can not even leave your house to walk slowly on your step. Research suggests that climbing the step helps strengthen your feet muscles. It keeps […]

Steps workout

Steps workout step up exercise steps workout : The use of sports step up exercise is a great way to do sports exercises, fat burning, and fitness. It also helps increase your body’s mobility and calorie burn. By using the sports step in your exercises, you can move and strengthen your lower trunk and upper […]