Protein in diet

Top 5 protein myths that hurt your diet You know you need protein for a healthy diet and body. However, there are some myths about protein that can confuse and lead you down the wrong path. Not everything you hear about protein is true. Protein is an essential nutrient for the whole body. Beware the […]

What high protein foods?

High protein foods low carb What are high protein foods low carb? High protein and low carb diets, such as the Atkins diet, are widely effective as weight loss programs. These programs generally recommend that people get 30-50% of their total calories from protein in their diet. How Do Low Carb Diets Work? Normally your […]

What diet for diabetes?

what is a gestational diabetes diet?If you have gestational diabetes, your diet will become more important. Diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce or consume insulin effectively. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that allows cells to convert glucose into your bloodstream called glucose into usable fuel. Accumulating too much glucose in your […]

Diet high in protein

Diet high in protein: The top 15 best protein foods Which foods to use to make proteins, nutritional allies? Proteins, we all need them that everyone knows. There are even diets (and excessive, it must be said) based on the daily and almost exclusive intake of protein to lose weight. This intake of protein should […]

Egg for diet

What is a Boiled Egg Diet? How to do it? Introduction Eggs are recommended in any diet, but this diet itself has a special diet called boiled egg diet that it claims to be able to lose weight in the short term. If you are also a fan of this nutritious diet and want to […]

What is best diet for gaining weight?

diet 1200 calories: a low calorie and a balanced dietHow about trying a slimming diet that would allow you to lose between 1.5 and 2 kg per week? For this, a low-calorie diet is the ideal. Among them, there is the draconian 800 calorie diet, but also the one with 1200 calories per day. This […]

What is best healthy snacks ideas. ?

Bored With Your Diet? Try These Unique, Healthy Snacks Are you tired of the same fruit and nut snacks every day? The good news is there’s a whole world of healthy snacks that you likely never heard about. All it takes to spice things up in your diet is a little know-how! Why You Need […]

How to healthy lose weight snacks?

Lose Weight at Work with Easy, Portable Snacks If you’re on a diet, the office can make staying healthy a challenge. From birthday cakes to breakfast muffins, you’ll want to avoid the usual food at work and pick healthier options. You can stay on a weight loss plan while working. Try these delicious snacks at […]