Surgery for Weight loss : The most important points

Surgery for Weight loss : The most important points The most suitable type of slimming surgery for every person Surgery for Weight loss Slimming surgery, like all other surgeries, has its own risks and is not easier than other surgeries, so it is important to know the main points in this field and what type […]

Chewing food : 4 very important reasons to chew food

Chewing food : 4 very important reasons to chew food Why do we have to look for food and chewing is so important?You may be surprised, but proper chewing of food is very important and there are various functions that involve chewing. Chewing food properly is an essential way to improve digestion. Meals should be […]

7 Tips best time to drink green tea

7 Tips best time to drink green tea The right time to drink green teabest time to drink green tea : You usually enjoy drinking tea, it can always be a good time to drink your favorite tea, but still if you want to maximize the benefits of your desired tea and be able to […]

The best Weight loss for women 100%

Weight loss for women 100% : The best methods without diet The secret of beautiful women who never go on a dietWeight loss for women : You have probably seen many who are constantly on a diet but do not have a fit body, on the contrary, you have encountered people who do not diet […]

Weight loss with coffee 100% : Which coffee is best for fat loss?

Weight loss with coffee The story of fast and easy weight loss with coffeeWeight loss with coffee : Some new research shows that regular coffee consumption can help you lose weight because coffee contains substances that increase metabolism and fat burning, especially in the abdomen, and thus a person with Daily consumption can cause weight […]

Women’s weight loss

Women’s weight loss Weight loss for women over 40-50 years and 5 diet tips for themLosing weight after the age of 40 is actually more difficult than it is in the 20s or 30s, but it is not impossible.With the right attitudes and effort and determination, it is possible to lose extra weight at any […]

Burn calories in sleep

Burn calories in sleep Interesting and important facts about burning calories in sleepBurn calories in sleep : Most people are not aware that they burn calories while sleeping. Although sleep requires less energy than daily activities, your brain is still active during this period and performs certain functions in the body.The exact number of calories […]

Fat metabolism

Fat metabolism Body fat metabolism; Super weight loss with a different slimming dietFat metabolism means slimming the abdomen and hips, means achieving ideal weight and fitness, means achieving all the desires you have to achieve the desired body.In this area of ​​updatebody, there are a few tips for losing weight that are actually evidence-based. Sometimes […]


metabolismFamiliarity with the body’s metabolism and its strengthening technique with yogaMetabolism is a set of chemical reactions in which the body converts what you eat and drink into energy and excretes waste products, and consists of two parts: Anabolism:It is the building block of metabolism, which involves the aggregation of simple molecules to form complex […]