Muscle Taking things to the next level… One of the aspects of training that oftentimes sets a pro apart from everybody else is the pro’s ability to CONSCIOUSLY contract the working muscle! Pro’s can typically create such high level contractions that they have at their disposal the ability to generate MASSIVE amounts of muscle-building tension […]


Bodybuilding : What Exercise essentials needs to be done in bodybuilding?   Bodybuilding : 1- Engage the working muscle FIRST(squeeze it before you move it). 2- Maintain continuous tension throughout the range. (This isn’t as redundant or as simple as it seems). This might be the last thing to master, but important to think about […]

Exercise 100%

What gives someone the right to teach exercise? Exercise teach exercise : I watch “trainers” daily that don’t know a thing about exercise posting videos “teaching” people how to train. Just because they use the words “anatomical” and “its physiology” doesn’t mean they have the slightest clue what they’re talking about. Read more teach exercise […]