Walnuts heart health and important points

How much walnuts should we eat to prevent stroke and heart attack? The effect of walnuts on heart health has been proven, and doctors undoubtedly recommend the inclusion of this high-quality food in the diet of men and women to prevent heart attacks and diseases. Studies have shown that nuts such as walnuts are rich […]

Healthy and happy : 3 important points

Healthy and happy : 3 important points If you are looking for ways to keep your body healthy and have a happier life, do not miss this article.There are very simple and workable solutions for your health and to have a healthy and energetic life, by observing them, you can prevent the weakness of the […]

Hot and cold food : important points

Disadvantages of consuming very hot and cold foods: Balance is recommended in all parts of life. This balance should be observed in eating. That is, the amount of food we eat should not be too much or too little, and that the food we eat should not be too hot or too cold, because eating […]

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle ? (19 important points )

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle ? (19 important points ) Key points to maintain body health 1– Mountaineering releases the adrenaline hormone produced by your body from a stressful work week, which reduces your stress and anxiety. 2– When it comes to getting enough calcium, most people think of calcium pills and supplements. While […]

The best food in the world – 8 healthy foods

The best food in the world – 8 healthy foods These 8 foods are the best food in the world … 1- Avocado – The best food in the world Although avocados are high in fat, this delicious food can lower blood cholesterol. If we use mono unsaturated fats instead of 5% saturated fatty acids, […]

Anti aging foods 100%

Anti aging foods Anti aging foods and nutrition program for womenAnti aging foods : Aging is a period of life that is usually experienced by all human beings, but how much better it is for this period to occur later and for a person to have a healthy mind and body in old age so […]

Brain healthy foods

Brain healthy foodsDoes the food you eat affect your mind and brain?Most people think about the effect of food on the body but do not consider the effect on the mind.As you know and experience, the body changes a lot by changing the diet, but the food we eat also changes our immune response, changes […]

Fat metabolism

Fat metabolism Body fat metabolism; Super weight loss with a different slimming dietFat metabolism means slimming the abdomen and hips, means achieving ideal weight and fitness, means achieving all the desires you have to achieve the desired body.In this area of ​​updatebody, there are a few tips for losing weight that are actually evidence-based. Sometimes […]

workout results

Workout results Top 3 Tips for Eating to Boost Workout Results Workout results : If you subscribe to the belief that a combination of healthy eating and regular effectively promotes better health exercise, you are quite right in sharing this belief. There are elements of both sides of the equation that work together to give […]

Superfoods list and 12 Super Foods

Superfoods list 12 Super Foods to Add to your Diet Superfoods list :There are certain foods out there that have gone on to win the superfood label. Super foods can improve your health by reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke, as increases your energy, concentration, and alertness. The best part is that you […]