Walnuts heart health and important points

How much walnuts should we eat to prevent stroke and heart attack? The effect of walnuts on heart health has been proven, and doctors undoubtedly recommend the inclusion of this high-quality food in the diet of men and women to prevent heart attacks and diseases. Studies have shown that nuts such as walnuts are rich […]

Healthy and happy : 3 important points

Healthy and happy : 3 important points If you are looking for ways to keep your body healthy and have a happier life, do not miss this article.There are very simple and workable solutions for your health and to have a healthy and energetic life, by observing them, you can prevent the weakness of the […]

Key to health : 22 important points for health

Key to health : 22 important points for health Key points to keep your body healthy 1- Try to eat at certain times. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. Calmly. 2- Spicy foods that sometimes make us cry have many properties Better heart health Lowering blood […]

Heart attack : 12 serious and warning signs of a heart attack

Heart attack : 12 serious and warning signs of a heart attack If there is a problem in the heart, how should it be understood? Almost all heart problems have signs and symptoms .Some of these symptoms may not be present in the chest, so the person may not notice the problem from the heart. […]

Eggplant for weight loss or The Best diet eggplant for weight loss 100%

Eggplant for weight loss Eggplant for weight loss and what you need to knowEggplant for weight loss : There are various ways to lose weight and due to the advancement of science and new therapies in the field of diet therapy and surgery, obesity can no longer be considered a serious problem because these days […]

Vegan diet

Vegan diet The Vegan diet is a complete weight loss program for beginnersVegetarianism has become very popular Many people have decided to become vegetarian for ethical, environmental and health reasons; when done right, such a diet can lead to various health benefits including weight loss and improved blood sugar control.An exclusively plant-based diet may in […]

Cross fit

Cross fit The benefits of Cross fit exercise and a simple and useful program of itCross-fit exercise, which you must have mentioned many times in the section on updatebody, is a lifestyle that is characterized by safe, effective exercise.Crossfit can be used to achieve any goal, from improving health to losing weight to better performance.This […]

workout results

Workout results Top 3 Tips for Eating to Boost Workout Results Workout results : If you subscribe to the belief that a combination of healthy eating and regular effectively promotes better health exercise, you are quite right in sharing this belief. There are elements of both sides of the equation that work together to give […]

Eating healthier

The Secret to Eating Healthier Without Giving Up Sugar There are many compelling reasons for giving up sugar. -Eating healthier They include losing weight and lowering your risk for diabetes and certain cancers. On the other hand, going sugar-free can be tough when you realize how many products contain sugar. You may also be troubled […]

Optimal health

Optimal health Improving your diet for optimal health Optimal health : Many people focus on diet improvements because they feel they need to lose weight. It is true that obesity is a growing problem, but most importantly the issue of health is at the heart of everything. If you think your diet should improve, you […]