The best food in the world – 8 healthy foods

The best food in the world – 8 healthy foods These 8 foods are the best food in the world … 1- Avocado – The best food in the world Although avocados are high in fat, this delicious food can lower blood cholesterol. If we use mono unsaturated fats instead of 5% saturated fatty acids, […]

Best Foods vitamin B12

Best Foods vitamin B12 Foods containing vitamin B12Eating foods rich in vitamin B12 is important to protect the body against disease.Because vitamin B12 is an essential component for DNA transplantation in the body, blood cells and nerves. The liver is the body’s main organ in which water-soluble vitamin B12 is stored, and its most stable […]

Allergic foods : 7 of the worst Foods that cause allergies

Allergic foods Foods that cause allergies – Allergic foodsAllergic foods : As you know, some foods cause allergic reactions in people, in which case you should be careful and avoid them because not following them will lead to coma and even death.In this section of Updatebody, we will introduce the foods that you should avoid. […]

Anti aging foods 100%

Anti aging foods Anti aging foods and nutrition program for womenAnti aging foods : Aging is a period of life that is usually experienced by all human beings, but how much better it is for this period to occur later and for a person to have a healthy mind and body in old age so […]

Brain healthy foods

Brain healthy foodsDoes the food you eat affect your mind and brain?Most people think about the effect of food on the body but do not consider the effect on the mind.As you know and experience, the body changes a lot by changing the diet, but the food we eat also changes our immune response, changes […]

Decreased appetite

Decreased appetite Get rid of weight gain and overeating-related diseases by reducing your appetite with the help of some delicious and rich fruits.Pills and medications related to weight loss and loss of appetite also have side effects due to their chemical nature, so it is better to put them aside and read more carefully.In the […]

Okinawa Diet

What is the Okinawa diet and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Diet foods

Diet foods Do you know you can have a more comfortable diet with classic foods? Diet foods : Do you crave comfort food on a regular basis? Do you wish you could have it more often during the week? Comfort food is delicious, but it often has high calories and high levels of sugar or […]

Superfoods list and 12 Super Foods

Superfoods list 12 Super Foods to Add to your Diet Superfoods list :There are certain foods out there that have gone on to win the superfood label. Super foods can improve your health by reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke, as increases your energy, concentration, and alertness. The best part is that you […]

Mindful eating 100%

Mindful eating Enhance Your Health and Waistline with Mindful Eating Mindful eating : There are very few people that eat mindfully, and it shows. The obesity rate for those over 20 years of age is 40% in the United States! In Canada, the number is around 30%. If you could stand to lose a few […]