Eat midnight and important points

Eating in the middle of the night damages the brain Eat midnight If eating in the middle of the night has become a habit for you, you should try to quit this habit because according to research, it may cause damage to your brain. The latest research shows that evening food consumption and activation of […]

Sneezing and sunlight and important points

The reason for sneezing According to researchers, more than 30% of people sneeze while looking at the sun, and this is due to the stimulation of a part of the brain by exposure to sunlight. Many people think that the heat of the sun that reaches the nose causes sneezing. It is not heat. Aristotle […]

Benefits of Chewing Gum – important points

The positive effect of chewing gum on getting rid of obsessive-compulsive disorder : Chewing gum for weight loss – getting rid of depression and dozens of other problems is recommended, but the latest benefits of chewing gum are for people who suffer from annoying thoughts. New research from scientists at the University of Reading in […]

Health Tips : 23 important and helpful points

Health Tips : 23 important and helpful points Key and effective tips for maintaining the health of the body 1– High blood fats increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 2– To skin and disinfect it and to eliminate toxins from the body, you should drink 8 glasses of water daily. 3– Coconut is one of […]

Headache while working out

Headache while working out and Causes Causes of Headache while working out and types of headaches caused by exerciseSports headaches occur during intense and continuous exercise.Activities such as running, boating, tennis, swimming and weightlifting are associated with this type of headache. Doctors divide Headache while working out into two categories:primary sports headaches, which are usually […]

Brain healthy foods

Brain healthy foodsDoes the food you eat affect your mind and brain?Most people think about the effect of food on the body but do not consider the effect on the mind.As you know and experience, the body changes a lot by changing the diet, but the food we eat also changes our immune response, changes […]