water aerobics

water aerobics The importance of water aerobics and Exercise in waterExercising in the water is one of the best ways to do an effective, safe and regular exercise in your sports routine.It is also an excellent stimulant for increasing fitness levels and is an effective mechanism for recovery.We have dedicated this part of updatebody to […]

aerobic activity

Stop misconceptions about aerobic exercise When you think of losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is “club membership” but what is the sport you want to do? Everyone’s first choice is “aerobics”, but do you know what exercises include? Activities that increase heart rate such as running, mountaineering, cycling and. . . […]

Exercise and stress

exercise and stress: Exercise relieves my stress. Working out benefits my mind as well as my body. Physical activity boosts my mood and lowers my stress hormones. Strengthening my body makes me more resilient. I reduce my risk of illness. I feel happier and more relaxed when I move around. Exercise also burns calories and […]

Weight loss strategies

Weight Loss Strategies: Delicious Weight Loss Strategies for Chocolate Lovers If you like chocolate, but want to lose weight, there are ways to keep those calories to sabotage your diet. Pick the right kind of chocolate, control your portions, and eat a balanced diet. Here are some suggestions for taking care of your health while […]

Can you lose weight by exercising? exercise to lose weight

Can you lose weight by exercising? exercise to lose weight exercise to lose weight What is aerobic exercise? The exercise by which oxygen reaches the muscles through blood is called aerobic exercise. To perform this type of aerobic metabolism, you need to have low and long duration of exercise, high intensity and short duration aerobic […]