water aerobics

water aerobics The importance of water aerobics and Exercise in waterExercising in the water is one of the best ways to do an effective, safe and regular exercise in your sports routine.It is also an excellent stimulant for increasing fitness levels and is an effective mechanism for recovery.We have dedicated this part of updatebody to […]

workouts for smaller waist

Misconceptions about workouts for smaller waist If you are planning to add exercise to your lifestyle or are into exercise, you may have noticed by now that there are many right and wrong beliefs about exercise, diet and fitness that are sometimes very difficult and sometimes impossible to diagnose. You will even hear suggestions that […]

aerobic activity

Stop misconceptions about aerobic exercise When you think of losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is “club membership” but what is the sport you want to do? Everyone’s first choice is “aerobics”, but do you know what exercises include? Activities that increase heart rate such as running, mountaineering, cycling and. . . […]

daily exercise for women

The miracle of daily exercise for women who are not motivated to exercise There is a big difference between buying a gym membership and use on a regular basis. Keep a journal exercise is a tool to make your workouts more coherent and effective. Take a look at the benefits of tracking your time on […]

Weight loss exercise

Weight loss exercise: How Much Exercise Is Necessary for Weight Loss? Overweight can cause discomfort and can also harm your health According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity rates in the United States have skyrocketed in recent years in 2010, more than one-third of American adults were considered obese Obesity is […]

Workouts to lose fat

10 Best Fat Burning Workouts and how to do them In the middle of a bunch of exercises, speeding up fat loss and weight loss by pushing fat, we will highlight the best fat burning and weight training exercises. Exercise and fat burning exercises If you thought running on the treadmill would help you to […]

Aerobic exercise list

anaerobic exercise or aerobic exercise? which one is better? What are anaerobic exercises? When it comes to exercise, most people with aerobic exercise feel more comfortable while anaerobic exercise can have more health benefits. The word anaerobic means oxygen-free; if you want to simply define anaerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise involves strenuous and explosive activities such […]

What is the Definition of Exercise and how people do it today?

Definition of Exercise Definition of sport refers to normal physical activities or skills that are based on a set of commonly agreed rules for recreational purposes, or for competition, personal enjoyment, fitness, skill acquisition or a combination of these goals. The definition of exercise depends on the purpose and purpose of doing it. Swimming, for […]

how to do agility ladder drills for speed? – agility ladder drills

how to do agility ladder drills for speed? – agility ladder drills agility ladder drills When it comes to exercise, our minds move on to increase strength and stamina, stretching and aerobic training. Few of us think about speeding up and coordinating. All this is wrong. The ability to move, stay and change fast forward […]