Winter Weight Gain

How to Shed the Winter Weight Gain If you have indulged during the holiday season or reduce your activity during the winter months, you may have packed on a few extra pounds. Would not you want to throw that winter weight gain before the return of hot weather? Rather than choosing the last week’s scheme, […]

Physical activity

What You Need to Know about the New Physical Activity Guidelines For the first time in ten years, the US government has updated its physical activity and exercise guidelines. While most of the recommendations remain the same, there are a few additions that could make it easier to reach your fitness goals. That’s important because […]

iifym diet

It is the IIFYM diet for you? The media calls it the Donut Diet. Bodybuilders and celebrities began taking the idea. IIFYM is diet, which is short for “if it fits your macros.” IIFYM’s popularity may be attributable to the fact that it is flexible enough to suit almost any personal fitness goal. On the […]

Fitness band

Fitness Bands: How to Use Them to Step Up Your Workouts Imagine spending more than $100 for a fitness band and then finding out you’re gaining weight. Some people love these activity trackers, but others struggle to figure them out. Learn how to use your fitness band to reach your weight loss goals and enhance […]

How Jumping rope lose weight faster?

Get Fit Fast by Jumping Rope A jump rope is one children’s toy you’ll want to hold onto when you’re grown up. It delivers a great workout even if you’re short on time or on the road. Learn how to get started and stay safe jumping rope. Perks of Jumping Rope Enjoy the versatility. This […]

What is healthy weight loss?

I enjoy healthy weight loss. My weight loss is occurring at a healthy and consistent pace through dietary and lifestyle changes. Every pound I shave off my body is gone forever because I have a plan to not only take the weight off, but to keep it off.I am taking weight loss one pound at […]