Table tennis

Table tennis : 15 of the best advantages and 5 disadvantages

Table tennis : 15 of the best advantages and 5 disadvantages

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Table Tennis
Did you know that the sport of table tennis or ping pong is one of the sports that has many benefits for the body?

Table tennis can greatly help your fitness and health.
It is also a competitive and exciting game in which you have to use your mind and have a high concentration during the game.

In this part of Updatebody, we want to introduce the benefits of ping pong or table tennis to you.

ping pong
Table tennis
  1. Improve mental state
    Thinking about the rotation, movement and speed of the ball in ping pong requires a very high level of skill, all of which use your mind and make it possible for you to create a mental puzzle in your mind with practice, and as a result Develop your mind.
  2. Improve mental and physical reactions
    As we said, this exercise makes you react faster.
    It gives you the opportunity to be able to react accurately and quickly in different aspects of life, because during the game you have to apply precise blows to the ball by short movement, and this improves the condition of the muscles to create The reaction is appropriate.
  3. Improve communication between hands and eyes
    Communication between hand and eye and focus after playing ping pong, it increases and as a result, your mind also receives signals through the eyes, which causes the eyes and hands to coordinate with each other in a very short time.
  1. Improve the condition of the joints
    One of the biggest benefits of table tennis is that no one is old or too young for the game.
    This means that most people of any age group can play this game and there is no age limit.
    This game makes the joints flexible and strengthens the joints of the hands, feet and the central part of the body.
  2. Burn calories
    One of the biggest benefits of playing ping pong is that you can burn a lot of calories;
    Of course, as long as you do it regularly and professionally.
    Your movement while doing ping pong is a cardio physical exercise that greatly increases calorie burning.
  3. Improving social relationships
    Since this is not a solo game, as a result you have to be with another person to do it, and this makes you subconsciously find better social relationships and experience a healthy social relationship with sports.
Table tennis
  1. Strengthen the mind
    As we said, in ping pong you have to look for quick, accurate and coordinated reactions.
    This will make your mind work better in all matters because it has been sufficiently trained and strengthened during this game.
  2. Prevent insanity and depression
    Playing table tennis is one of the best games for people with dementia or depression and even prevents it because it activates certain areas of the brain that create awareness and alertness during the game.
  3. Stimulate different parts of the brain
    The game of table tennis constantly activates the frontal lobe of the brain for strategic planning, and people are constantly looking to respond to throwing the ball to the opponent.
    It activates the same different parts of the brain and leaves similar effects to aerobics on the brain.
  4. Increase body balance
    Because you have to constantly change direction during the game, you can reach equilibrium after a while.
    As a result, the next time you find your body balance easier, and this will lead to a general balance in the body.
  5. Increase focus during the game
    You have to constantly concentrate so that the ping pong ball does not come out of your head.
    This allows you to practice enough focus throughout the game that this focus will always be in your mind.
  6. Establish coordination and cooperation between two people
    Table tennis is a two-player game in which both people must establish a harmonious relationship with each other.
    As a result, they learn how to cooperate and coordinate with each other during the game.
  7. Increase relaxation
    When you hit the ball very softly, your peace of mind will definitely increase.
    Tennis is a relatively relaxing game, and this increase in concentration and balance will be a factor in creating peace in you.
  1. Teaching how to win and lose
    Playing table tennis teaches you to learn to win and lose.
    As a result, you can not be afraid of winning or losing in your life and always prepare yourself for any situation and come to the conclusion that with effort, you will have a higher chance of winning.
  2. Practice analysis, and build strategy
    Ping pong allows you to increase the power of analysis in yourself, learn the art of creating strategy and see the movements of the other person and plan for it in the shortest possible time.
    As a result, your analytical power will increase in all aspects of life.
benefits of ping pong
Table tennis

Side effects of playing table tennis
After examining the benefits, it is time for the side effects, and it is necessary to explain the disadvantages of this popular and active sport.
If you do not follow the safety tips, etc.
you may experience the following complications while doing this exercise.

  1. The possibility of Blisters
    The reason is this; When you hold something in your hand for a long time, you are more likely to get Blisters on your hands, which is due to holding the tennis racket in your hand for a long time.
    You may also get Blisters on your feet due to standing too much.
  2. Twisting
    In tennis, your joints may be damaged due to rapid movements. Sometimes very fast movements cause twisting in the wrist area.
  3. Stretching of tendons
    One of the most common injuries to athletes in this sport is stretching and tearing of the tendons of the hands, wrists and shoulders.
    If you are in good physical condition while playing and you will suffer less tendon injuries.
  4. Stretching and rupture of muscle tissue
    Another common problem you may have with this exercise is stretching and tearing of muscle tissue, which is often due to insufficient warm-up.
  5. Tennis players elbow disease
    Inflammation of the bony areas of the elbow, muscles, tendons, and epicondyle of the elbow is called tennis elbow disease, which affects adults (20-40 years old).

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