summer body workout

mistakes in summer body workout

mistakes in summer body workout
summer body workout – When it comes to sweating in the summer heat, common mistakes can eventually lead to dangerous problems.
With humid humidity and rising temperatures, having a checklist of what you do is crucial to keeping you safe and allowing you to perform at your best.
If you are planning to exercise in the summer, check out this list of common summer exercise mistakes in the updatebody section.

Familiarity with summer body workout mistakes
In the following, you will get acquainted with a number of common and, of course, destructive sports mistakes of people in the summer season.

summer body workout

Socializing in the gym – summer body workout :
While it is true that sports clubs, Zumba classes, etc. can be places to make friends, too many relationships in the club can keep you from exercising and make your workouts ineffective.
Slowly This habit can also reduce the intensity of exercise because it will take a lot of time to socialize with each other.

Not warm up :
Warming up and stretching exercises are one of the most important steps of any exercise program, and weightlifting, yoga, dancing, etc. can be included.
Warming up and stretching allow your body to prepare for the intense exercise you are about to do. In addition, warming up prevents injuries, premature fatigue and muscle contraction.

summer body workout

misuse of gym equipment :
If you go to a gym or Pilates center, you know that there are many types of exercise machines and equipment with special functions.
If you are a beginner, you will definitely need the help of an instructor to understand the use of different equipment.
If sports equipment is used incorrectly, exercise may not only be ineffective, it may cause injury.

Do not lift weights:
Too often, people who sign up for a weight loss gym only do cardio, such as running on a treadmill, cycling, and so on.
But an effective exercise should be a combination of weight lifting and cardio, because doing just one of these two exercises will not help you, and your metabolism will increase when you do both.

Lack of routine:
When you start a workout, plan a consistent schedule for each day of the week, so when you go to the gym, you know exactly what you are doing.
This way, your exercise can be more intense and prevent you from procrastinating on the next exercise.

Although you have an intense exercise routine, you want to see results quickly.
But the body needs rest and it’s time to heal.
Excessive exercise and fatigue can make your exercise ineffective because your body does not have enough time to heal.
So it is important to understand the limitations of your body.

Not change the program:
Having a routine exercise program for the whole day for more than a month in the gym is useless and you may not get the desired result because the muscles get used to the exercise routine and stop after a while.
If you change your exercise routine, your muscles will have to work hard to adapt.

Not exercise:
Lack of routine not only in sports but in most disciplines can prove ineffective.
For example, if you do not eat healthy food all day of the week, you will not get healthier.
If you go to the gym a few days a week, it will be much harder to get a positive result.


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breathing in exercise
breathing in exercise

Not use electrolytes
Sweats when exercising in hot weather, so it’s best to eat more electrolyte foods.
Foods like cocoa milk, almonds and bananas are great.

Not drink water:
The body uses water in the summer to regulate its health.
When the body is dehydrated, its efficiency decreases and the person feels tired.
We also know that a normal person should drink at least 2 liters of water in the gym to stay healthy.
It is often mandatory to drink water before and after a workout. However, many of us drink water during exercise.
This habit of drinking water between exercises can help maintain health during exercise and faster muscle recovery.
So drink two glasses of water before exercising and use less caffeinated beverages.

Ignore sunscreen:
Be sure to use sunscreen on sunny days, because the summer sun has a negative effect on your skin.
Therefore, before leaving home for exercise, use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 and if your exercise lasts, renew it every two hours.
In fact, if you do strenuous exercise, you should apply sunscreen every 45 to 60 minutes, as severe sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Inadequate sportswear
In hot summer weather and outdoors, polyester clothes are not suitable for sports.
Use lighter cotton clothes.

Late start of exercise:
You do not want to overheat and injure your body, but if you study wet exercise and fitness, if you delay morning exercise for just one hour, you should be aware of the consequences.
This is because the temperature rises much faster during the summer and you should check when you want to exercise.
Do not exercise outdoors between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

However, avoid unnecessary damage to your body.

Not Choose dark colors for sportswear:
Black colors may have the desired slimming effect, but they are not suitable for when you exercise.
Because black and other dark colors actually absorb heat, you feel too hot when you exercise a lot.
Instead, use lighter colors that reflect sunlight.

Excessive exercise
Body fatigue should not be ignored.
Exercise may become too dangerous and lead to nausea and anesthesia.

Do not consume protein:
Excessive protein intake before exercise can cause fever and overheating.
If you want to eat protein, postpone its use until after exercise, because it will help you rebuild muscle.

Lack of physical fitness to go to the mountains:
On hot summer days, sport mountaineering at higher altitudes requires more preparation because there is less oxygen at altitude.
So if you are prepared enough, go mountaineering.


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breathing in exercise
breathing in exercise

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