strange sports

strange sports

strange sports and History of sports

strange sports – Historians and archaeologists have repeatedly found irrefutable evidence of the interest of people in sports thousands of years ago, which is not unlike the current sport.

The stone carvings are reminiscent of scenes from a particular style of play or combat.
The objects and structures seen are popular in team games with balls or equestrian competitions.

Most of the matches that are common now are evolved games of antiquity.
It can even be said that the rules of the most popular sports games of the 19th century, which now have countless fans over other games, are very similar to the rules of football , hockey and baseball.

Among these, there are a large number of sports that are common only in some countries and regions, and perhaps this type of sport has been passed down from ancient times to the present generation.

Here are 10 strange sports that you may not have heard of.


Some common sports that you have not heard of – strange sports

This game has rules similar to a basketball game, except that the trampoline (jumping mats) is used on the playing field.
An 8-member team of 4 people standing next to the ring whose goal is to throw the ball in the basket.

strange sports

Calcio Storico
This type of sport is from the football generation today, which was common among the people in the 16th century.
It is a game between two teams with the aim of scoring goals in the opponent’s goal.
In this game, players are allowed to use power tricks.
The game combines green-room wrestling, rugby and football.

This type of sport has been invented in Japan since 1954.
The goal is to boost morale.
There are 75 participants in this game who have to rotate the lever that is planted in the opponent’s field by 30 degrees in two and a half minutes.

coconut football
A game that is similar to football but uses coconut instead of ball.
Before the start of the game, the players soak the coconuts in kerosene for a short time, and before entering the field, they set the coconuts on fire and try to get the burnt coconuts into the opponent’s goal.
This game lasts about 60 minutes.

Jumping from camels
In Yemen, camel jumping is a national sport.
At first, three camels are placed next to each other, which the player must jump over, and this number is added to the fourth, fifth and sixth camels, respectively, and finally, someone has a record.
To jump on 7 camels.
Do not touch the back of the camel is one of the rules of this game.

This is an ancient game and a type of equestrian that is more common in Central Asia.
This game is a rougher version of polo but uses goat carcasses instead of balls.
Riders must lift the carcass and hold it as long as possible.

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strange sports

Throw the bar (Highland games )
This sport is related to the north of Scotland, where the player can show his strength by throwing a 6-meter lever and weighing up to 80 kg.

Bog snorkelling
The athlete must ride a 40-meter mud path on a bicycle and return to the starting point, although during the race the cyclist will use a diving mask and a breathing tube.


Chess boxing
It is a combination of two different disciplines of chess and boxing.

The fight consists of 11 rounds of play.
Opponents try to confuse each other to advance to the next stage, which is the point.

strange sports

This type of game was more common among English miners.
The game was such that players kept small animals such as squirrels in their clothes and anyone who could endure longer was a record holder.

This game was popularized with the aim of protecting disabled animals from predators.

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