Stomach growling

Stomach growling (important points)

Stomach growling (important points)

See all the things you need to know about bloating.

Unpleasant sound that sometimes upsets us will certainly upset our internal parts of the body, so it is better not to neglect this issue and follow the behaviors recommended in this section.

What are the main causes of abdominal cramps? – Stomach growling

As most of you know, consuming heavy and sometimes poor quality foods such as fast foods and canned foods and bloated foods such as chickpeas can cause abdominal pain as well as poor digestion.

When bloating occurs after eating food, this bloating should be expelled through the anus or mouth, otherwise it remains inside the abdomen and creates a wheezing sound with its movement.

But why is it said that he falls on his stomach with hunger? – Stomach growling
The hypothalamus is the coordinating part of the body, one of which is hunger.

This hormone causes this sound during hunger by commanding the stomach and abdominal muscle contractions and increasing the acids in the stomach and intestines.

treatment: – Stomach growling
If the stomach cramps are due to hunger, it is easy to get rid of this noise by eating, but if there is another reason, the solution is something else.

The first step is to eat the food mentioned.

The next step is to avoid eating side dishes such as salads, vegetables, buttermilk and soft drinks with food.

It should also be noted that chewing as much food and not overeating to a large extent this problem is controlled.

Peppermint extract is an herbal and traditional and at the same time very effective treatment for this problem, but this does not mean that you can eat whatever you want and then eat some of this extract and there will be no problem.

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