Step up

Step up

Step up : Be sure to warm your body before exercise, and cool down your body after tens of exercises.

Train sports exercises
You do not need good exercise.
You can not even leave your house to walk slowly on your step.

Research suggests that climbing the step helps strengthen your feet muscles.
It keeps your foot arches flexible and allows blood to travel easily.
The better blood flow in your legs is equal to a healthy heart and body.

Walking up and down after a meal can take up to 3 minutes to help control your blood glucose.
Does sunshine help you sleep?

If you are a young woman, climbing the step may wake you up from a better cup of coffee.

One step up and down step gives you aerobic training.
But by adding a few resistance and balance moves, you can get even more health boost.

step up
Step up

First move

Steps up can be done in two ways:

Step up from the front with more impact on the muscles of the quadriceps.

Step-up from the sides with a greater effect on the muscles of the buttocks.

To do, you will need a step with an appropriate elevation of 30-44 centimeters.
After that, you can carry out movements with body weight or barbell and dumbbells.

  • Remove a barbell and place the back of the neck and shoulders.
  • Stand in front of a smooth bench while the barbell is behind the neck.
    First, place your right foot and then the left foot on the bench.
  • To come down from the bench
    Go down slowly with the same foot as you are.


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Start on the next move with the left foot and repeat one in between.
Perform this exercise alternately between the left and right legs until the number is requested.
The barbell can also be used to make things harder.
Beginners can start only with their weight (no dumbbells), especially those who have a problem with balance.

Exercise with dumbbell creates balance in the body.
Dumbbell exercises allow you to focus on specific points of the body by performing special movements.

Second move

  • Ahead of the step with an average height and open your legs as wide as the shoulder;
  • Bending, place your hands on the step board and stay in push-ups;
  • Leap your legs and then collect them;
    This move is at an elementary level and it will not be difficult for you to do this.
    By engaging the Serine muscle and quadriceps muscle, it provides a suitable form.

Third move

  • First, put your left leg on the step.
  • Then double your hands
    Hold on to the top of the head
    Bring your hands together with your right leg,
    Feel the contractions on the abdominal muscles completely.
  • Then repeat this set for the opposite leg.
    In this movement, the pressure is applied to the muscles of the back, arm, abdomen, and thigh.

Fourth move

  • Stand in front of the step and
    put the left foot on the step
    and take the dumbbell to the right.
  • Then move the head to the left of the step with the left foot.
  • And then go down and repeat the move again.
    This movement causes the muscles of the head and shoulders to be challenged.
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