Snoring at night

Snoring at night – important points

Everything you need to know about night snoring from the factors to its treatment.

Snoring at night and disturbing the order of breathing during sleep are caused by factors such as overweight or other problems in the respiratory system, especially in the throat.

Emphasizing the effect of smoking cessation in reducing night snoring, a lung specialist said: “Smoking causes congestion of the nasal mucosa and lungs and causes snoring by partially blocking these ducts.”

Snoring at night is another complication of smoking
He said that by taking simple steps, snoring can be prevented to some extent,
he said: Consider weight loss.
Most people who snore; They are overweight.
Weight loss will be followed by weight gain of up to three to four kilograms.

He added: “Avoid eating heavy foods and drinking alcohol.
” Eating large amounts of food at night relaxes the airway muscles and increases the likelihood of snoring.
Quit smoking.
Smoking causes hyperemia of the nasal mucosa and lungs and causes snoring with partial obstruction of these ducts.

“Lie on your side,” said the lung specialist.
People with severe snoring.
They snore whenever they sleep;
But with the exception of this group of people, snoring usually occurs when sleeping on your back and snoring subsides when you sleep on your side.
Sleep without pillows.
Pillows, especially very soft pillows, cause the neck to bend, resulting in airway obstruction and snoring.

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