skin blemishes

skin blemishes : 9 of The best ways to get rid of blemishes on the face

skin blemishes : 9 of The best ways to get rid of blemishes on the face

Vegetable oils to remove skin blemishes
skin blemishes : Recently, vegetable oils have become a word for beauty, but in fact, they have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.
The ancient Egyptians were the first to use vegetable oils for beauty, medicinal benefits, religious ceremonies and even mummification from 3000 BC.

remove skin blemishes
skin blemishes

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, vegetable oils appeared as a substance to help balance and lift the spirits, eliminate toxic germs and produce pleasant aromas, but they also play a role in the beauty and improvement of the skin.
Rubbing them with crude oil helps to fade dark spots on the skin. These oils, if combined with the right carrier oils, can be a natural way to reduce dark pigments.

There are more than 90 vegetable oils in the world with the best aromatherapy health benefits.
For this purpose, in this part of Updatebody, a number of them have been introduced that can improve the communication between your cells, which will also help strengthen and regenerate damaged skin.

1- Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is effective in preventing and quickly healing blemishes or wounds.
This oil kills bacteria associated with blemishes or skin wounds and leads to faster healing.
Darker spots are less likely to develop when the skin heals.
Its suitable carrier oil is grape seed oil.

2- Lavender oil
Lavender helps soothe the skin and body and will quickly fight inflammation to remove blemishes and repair the skin.
Linalil acetate is an ester found naturally in lavender and has anti-inflammatory and wound and stain healing properties. Pomegranate oil is a good carrier oil because it has very small molecules that penetrate quickly into the skin and provide nutrients to the skin.

3- Geranium oil
Geranium has a natural astringent property that relieves redness of the skin and its nature is very calm and strong.
This oil also helps hydrate the skin.
Suitable carrier oil is pomegranate oil.

4- Frankincense oil
Frankincense oil is one of the best ingredients to help heal and eliminate scars due to its ability to rotate cells.
This oil is a strong natural substance to stimulate blood circulation in the skin and strengthen the elasticity of the skin.
Like retinol, frankincense has cell-revitalizing properties, but unlike them, it does not cause dryness, sun sensitivity or thinning of the skin.

5- Neroli oil (orange spring) – skin blemishes
Citrus vegetable oils are excellent because they help absorb the vitamin C, even if they do not contain vitamin C.
Vitamin C is one of the substances that, although it is considered as a healing property and removes blemishes, but it is not absorbed to a significant extent by the body.
Therefore, to increase the performance of vitamin C serum, dilute this oil with juniper berry oil.

6- Chamomile oil
Chamomile oil contains a wonderful natural substance called azole, which soothes and regenerates cells, thus helping to fight skin damage.
Azoline is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that prevents skin damage in times of stress and keeps it free of blemishes and sores.

7- Sage oil – skin blemishes
Sage essential oil is a great option for oily skin because it has unique properties that regulate the natural production of sebum in the subcutaneous layer.
As oily skin is more prone to blemishes, this vegetable oil is a good preventative.

8- Turmeric oil
Curcumin in turmeric oil has many anti-inflammatory properties. Ayurvedic doctors use it to skin blemishes as well as hyperpigmentation in facial skin care.
It is believed that this oil balances the production of excess melanin, which causes dark spots.

9- Rosemary vegetable oil – skin blemishes
Rosemary vegetable oil is great for removing dark spots on the skin because it increases blood circulation.
This oil is also an antiseptic so it prevents the growth of bacteria that cause stains.
It is believed that its plant nutrients will also counteract the damage caused by free radicals and hyperpigmentation.

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