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Factors that prevent having a six packs belly
These days, many young people are looking for a muscular belly and six packs.

Having a six-pack and a flat stomach is not a dream, and it can be achieved with a proper diet and exercise program, but many people can not achieve this goal for various reasons.

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In order to show your abdominal muscles quickly and easily, you need to make small changes in your lifestyle and not make mistakes that can prevent you from achieving this goal.

If you want a smooth and muscular abdomen, read this section on Updatebody to get acquainted with the factors that prevent having a six-pack abdomen.

Why don’t I have a six-pack and a flat stomach?
The following mistakes will prevent you from achieving your dream of a six-pack and flat stomach:

You eat too many vegetables
Use broccoli and kale instead of chips and cookies to lose weight and body fat, but cruciferous vegetables have a small problem and cause bloating and hide the six packs.
The body will eventually adapt to the new fiber-rich program, but until then, combine broccoli with zucchini and asparagus to reduce bloating.

You exercise a lot
It is tempting to pursue such a lofty goal every day, but all fitness enthusiasts tell you not to overdo it because it takes time to repair all the microscopic muscle tears from previous sessions and to strengthen the muscles.

Fuse the body tissues stronger together and if you never let it heal, the growth process will not happen.

You are lazy
Adequate exercise is necessary to have a muscular body, surely you can not have a muscular abdomen just by walking in the park, and you should continue exercising.

You need at least 12 weeks of continuous exercise to reach your abdominal muscles.

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six packs

You eat a lot
Excessive consumption of food, especially fats, will prevent you from reaching your goal.

High calorie intake makes you no longer lean, but having a six packs has nothing to do with weight loss and is related to body fat percentage, which means that if you want to have a good six packs ,you need to reduce body fat by about 6 percent.

You act fast
The process of muscling the body should be done slowly to gradually reduce body fat.

People who have more muscle burn more calories than someone who is just thin, so the more muscle your body has, the more metabolism you have.
You do not have enough technique
You know well that quality is more important than quantity. Considering the proper quality of exercises, remember that you should always work on the right and precise muscles.

Proper technique during the main exercises strengthens the smaller stabilizing muscles and also separates the muscle group.
Becomes special.

six-pack and a flat stomach
six packs

Change your schedule
After two weeks, people think they are losing muscle and therefore may change their schedule constantly.

It may be scary to change your body shape, but the end result will be satisfactory.

As body fat decreases, the total volume of the body appears less, but do not be afraid, these changes are necessary, and until the fat is not reduced, the muscles will not be determined, so do not change your program constantly.

It seems, but do not be afraid, these changes are necessary.
When fats are not reduced, muscles will not be identified, so do not change your schedule constantly.

You do not measure the result of your work
Measuring helps you figure out when to change your schedule.
If you do not measure, you will not know how far you have come.

You are too strict
Excessive strictness in exercise and nutrition causes you to lose motivation to continue to reach the goal, so it is better to be flexible in the exercise program and try to eat foods that you like.

You have a lot of stress
During stress, the body secretes cortisol, and large amounts of it prevent fat loss.
Cortisol is catabolic, meaning it can break down tissue.
If you want to have six packs, you need to put your body in an anabolic state and avoid stress.

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