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Sit at the table ! Very important points

Sit at the table ! Very important points

Long and short sitting behind the table !!!

Now we need to know that anything done properly can do less damage to the body.

You must have read many articles about sitting in a chair for a long time and its harms, is this true?

Yes, it is true, but do you really know exactly how many hours of sitting a day can be vulnerable?

Do you know that you can increase your life expectancy by reducing your sitting hours during the day?

New research has shown that reducing sitting time to less than three hours a day can increase a person’s lifespan by up to 2 years.

Researchers at Harvard University have studied 167,000 people over the years 4 to 14 years.

In these studies, the health and eating habits of the participants were examined, one of which is the sitting hours of people during the day.

The researchers calculated and combined the existing conditions to calculate the risk of death from excessive sitting in their experiments.

The results showed that sitting for more than three hours a day loses 2 years of life, and also sitting for more than two hours watching TV has a great impact on reducing human life by 1.4 years.

Researchers have found that reducing the amount of time you spend sitting during the day can increase your life expectancy.

Prolonged sitting can be dangerous, even for those who exercise a lot and regularly.

So it is better to make a serious decision to reduce the side effects of this risk.

But is that possible in today’s world?
We all spend most of our time behind the computer, so with these conditions it is better to at least strengthen the habit of sitting right in the chair or look for a better solution to reduce the damage caused by sitting too much and try After every hour of sitting, we get up and walk for a while, so we can say that technological progress can be harmful if it is not in the right direction.

Sit at the table

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