Sick from exercise

Sick from exercise

Sick from exercise

Common Mistakes in Exercise and sick from exercise
When it comes to exercise, it may be a little strange to hear the name of the disease next to it, but exercise can be beneficial for you and also sometimes damage your health.
The scariest part of training is that the result of the work ignores all your difficulties and is not desirable and ideal.

The fact is that you are probably doing the wrong exercise that will ruin your success.
Use a training program to track the intensity of your workout and be sure to constantly challenge yourself.

warm up before exercise
sick from exercise

Sick from exercise

Sports mistakes and sick from exercise

  1. You set astronomical goals
    When setting up a workout plan, you are actually focusing on small goals.
    Don’t worry about losing money the way you spend.
    These kinds of thoughts only frustrate you.
  2. You are too serious in sports
    When you decide to start a workout, you usually go to the gym with a lot of energy.
    You are ready for serious change, but mental fitness is a long way from physical fitness.
  3. You are attached to the same activities
    Mutual training and working different muscle groups are important when it comes to preventing injuries. Focus on your goals so you can set new goals for your work.
  4. You rest too much
    Rest between each set is important and should be, but you should not let your body get too cold.
    You want to increase your heart rate, which means short intervals of 30 seconds or less.
  5. You only use club equipment
    Gym equipment is a good place to start, but it is not enough for you. You can do effective full body workouts online or you can use a training program to guide your workout, but try to stay away from the machines.
  6. You use inappropriate form and movements
    You need to activate the right muscle groups to see the results of the exercise.
    Watch videos online to see how they do each move correctly.
  7. You only do aerobic activities
    Many fitness enthusiasts consider one of the most important components of an exercise:
    building muscle. But they should know that the use of weights, etc.
    are also very useful for physical strength and aerobic exercise alone is not responsible.
  8. You do not follow your exercises
    Without following the sessions, your sweating will never be able to build or improve your body and health.
    Make sure you know exactly how many sets and repetitions you have done, so you can monitor your progress over time.

Thirty minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity such as walking, swimming, dancing, and cycling increases the levels of fighting cells such as antibodies, neutrophils, and natural killer cells in the immune system.
People who exercise most days of the week have a much lower risk of catching a cold.

  1. You do not warm up before exercise
    Warming up is one of the most important parts of training, but one of the most forgotten.
    In the section on updatebody, we said that make sure you prepare your body for things that are done by walking on a treadmill or exercising some parts.
    Cold muscles not only react in the same way as exercise, but also make your body worse.
  2. Your cover is wrong
    It’s important what you wear while exercising.
  3. You exercise more than your body can handle
    It is a misconception to say that the heavier you work, the better. While this is not the case, it is better to work lightly and gain weight over time according to your physical ability.
  4. You prioritize sports
    Make exercise, like appointments, a top priority on your calendar.
  5. You do not have enough time to rest
    Recovery days are just as important as the concentration of intense forces.
    After a hard workout, you need to improve your body time with proper nutrition and sleep.
  6. Do not drink enough water
    To keep your muscles and body healthy, you need to keep it hydrated. Drink a glass of water before exercise, do some exercise and drink water again.
    Staying hydrated will increase your ability.
Mistakes in Exercise
sick from exercise classes
People who do yoga daily have reduced stress hormones and changes in their immune system.
Yoga stimulates relaxation reactions in the body and reduces the levels of adrenaline and cortisol, the amount of cytokines that are secreted by different cells in the body and negatively affect the activities of the immune system.

  1. You exercise too much
    We all know that exercise has many benefits, but 75 to 90 minutes of strenuous physical activity without rest, such as a speed marathon, can make exercise harmful.
    Because at this time, the brain perceives long periods of time for strenuous resistance exercise as stress and stimulates the immune system.

As a result, carbohydrate stores are reduced, body temperature rises, and muscle cells break down.

  1. Exercise when you have the flu
    Exercise increases the risk of influenza and its complications, so do not exercise when you have the flu, because during exercise the blood flow to the heart is about five times higher than normal, and the flu virus can affect the heart and cause inflammation in the heart tissue.
    Physical activity when you have the flu can make your problem worse and can be fatal.

sick from exercise
By considering the above, you will do your exercises well and build muscle and prevent injury.

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