sex in a marriage

Can Premature Ejaculation Ruin Your Sex Life? Here’s the Straight Scoop & How You Can Last Longer!

sex in a marriage importance

sex in a marriage

The problem of ejaculating too early during sex is as old as mankind itself. There are many men who cannot last anything longer than 2 to 4 minutes of straight sex. Worse still, some men last only a mere 30 seconds before their intercourse ends abruptly. There is nothing worse than for a guy who can’t last long enough to fulfill his female partner sexually. Many relationships are known to hit the rocks just because the man does not have enough staying power in bed.

If you want to be the kind of superb lover who gets to enjoy new exciting heights of sexual pleasure and keep his woman sexually fulfilled anytime, anywhere, then keep reading this article.

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Can premature ejaculation ruin your sex life?

Well, it depends. You see, premature ejaculation only becomes an issue if it is causing a great deal of distress or discomfort for BOTH your partner and you. If your woman gets an orgasm even if you ejaculate within 2 minutes, and is happy with it, there is no need to fret over your ‘seemingly short’ performance. In fact, there are many ‘premature ejaculators’ who regularly bring their partners to an orgasm with oral sex or even sufficient foreplay before intercourse. If you can fulfill your woman before intercourse, it does not matter how long you last!

sex in a marriage

But of course, lasting longer can only help your sexual relationship

Indeed, sex will be much more satisfying if a guy can engage in intercourse for a full 10 to 15 minutes without ejaculating (that is how long it takes on average for a woman to reach an orgasm through intercourse). The sexual arousal that slowly builds up during penetrative sex will provide a far more exquisite sexual pleasure, and can eventually lead to a titillating vaginal orgasm – which is not possible if a guy ejaculates within 2 to 4 minutes of intercourse.

The real truth about premature ejaculation and how to deal with it

Premature ejaculation is far more common than you would probably think. So there is no need to blame yourself for not being able to last long enough in bed. Premature ejaculation is commonly defined as lasting no more than 3 minutes of vaginal penetration more than 50% of the time. But here’s the thing: while being able to last for hours during sex is probably rare, premature ejaculation is actually easy to control without medical or professional help.

The key to putting a stop to early ejaculation is by learning how your body behaves at each stage of your sexual response cycle. Simply put, if you are quick to ejaculate, you must learn to recognize your ‘tipping point’ and how to reduce your sexual arousal. By learning how to stay below this tipping point, you will keep your sexual arousal in check and gain superior control over your ejaculatory reflexes.

sex in a marriage