Running vs walking

Running vs walking

Running vs walking : You may know them both, or vice versa,
The two sports are similar in many ways,
they differ in some respects.

Now the question is which one,
wich one is better( running or walking) for weight loss?

Before answering this question,
let’s look at the similarities and benefits of these two.

The overall run and walking have tremendous benefits.

-Increase stability and resistance.
- Guarantees heart and lung health.
- Make the mood positive.
- Help to lose weight.
- Provide better sleep.
Increases bone density and health.
- Strengthen the immune system.


running vs walkingRunning vs walking


Now the question is what are the differences between running and walking?

running vs walking

Running requires a strong rhythm.

You take big steps,
Your hands move faster and Your legs are tighter hit the ground.

If you’ve noticed the muscles of the runners,
They have stronger muscles inside and behind the thighs.

Because they are more involved in running leg muscles,
Foot, wrist and knee muscles are also more likely to be injured than fast walking.

But running is very effective for weight loss.

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Running fat burns faster- running vs walking

But the main difference between running and walking,
Running it requires more calories,
so it better burns fat,
That is, fat burns faster and weight loss occurs.

Brisk walking – running vs walking
Uses more leg muscles while walking,
Because of less speed than running,
your legs are less likely to get hurt,
but careless people may still be hurt.

In walking, the pressure on the knees is much lower.

Stress in running and walking – running vs walking

The main difference is walking with running in stress,
Running increases the pressure on the body,
This point increases stress.

While in walking this has decreased and people can enjoy their surroundings even more,
Reducing stress causes cortisol to decrease in blood,
which lowering cortisol means losing fat stored in the body,
Which ultimately leads to weight loss and weight loss.

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which one (running vs walking) helps lose weight fast?Running vs walking

So with that in mind,
you’re probably going to run more efficiently,
You burn more calories by running 10 minutes,
You’ll also spend less time on the running Because spend more time when walking,
Well maybe if you spend less time this would be better,
Remember running can put more stress on the body,
This is lower on walks.

Conclusion-Which is more effective (running or walking)? – running vs walking

Well, this question is a bit devious.

Running burns more calories in less time,
While the pressure on the body is high,
it’s not like walking and it takes more time.

You can answer this question by doing a combination of both so that the pressure on the body is reduced,
You’ll also have lots of burning calories.

How do beginners get fit?
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