Running types

Running types

1-Running Speed- running types
Running speed is basically power play,
And it depends on the ability of a person to be able,

This power reaches its maximum development in men at age 20 and in women at age 18.

Running is a quality that can be developed to a limited extent.

The best way to increase running speed

Increase the strength of the extensor muscles and leg joints
(Speed, Power, Time, Power, Force)

Exercise with the highest speed that has made progress in running,
And the runner finds more physical coordination in the movements.

Correcting errors at certain times and speeds up to speed.

2-Semi-endurance running-types of running
Semi-endurance running is followed by quick steps that are slower than running speed.

Of course, different forms of running speed vary with the length of the route.

But when it comes to speed comparison,
Running (semi-endurance) requires less joint movement

  • less forward-leaning and full foot contact with the ground.

Success in semi-endurance running
1-Running speed
2-Running enough
3-Tolerance in running

In the mid-endurance run that a relatively long distance should take relatively quick strides,

  • The strength (endurance) of the cardiovascular system is most affected.


running typesRunning types

3-Endurance Run-types of running
Longer distances go with slower steps.
The emphasis is on easy running and long-distance,
which saves energy,
And it requires less arthritis compared to semi-endurance running.

It tilts slightly forward and there is maximum contact with the soles of the foot.

In this case, it is recommended to go the maximum distance with each step.

While individual endurance (especially cardiovascular system strength) has a limited effect on the runner,
In the long run, it is a very important factor.

Research shows that runners use long distances up to about 80 percent of their maximum oxygen uptake.

But runners keep that limit throughout the race.

Over the long haul, the primary factor is the energy storage power.

Of course, a reasonable amount of speed is always helpful in running.



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Conclusion-types of running

Field sports such as football, basketball, and baseball,
Often requiring changes to the running path,
The stability of lateral forces,
and other changes Included that agile movement while running.

These modes are always performed with maximum power,
To make a quick move forward.

Under these conditions the location,
and shift of the center of gravity of the body is necessary,
Be more carefully controlled.

Contact with the ground,
allowing for rapid changes in direction,
Also, more lateral speeds are often needed.

In this running, it is usually with less bending forward.

The coordination of the runner’s steps disappears as speed and direction are adjusted.

Energy patterns are supplemented in response to the body’s need.



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