Running to lose weight

Running to lose weight

Running to lose weight : The answer to this question is more complex than you think. The number of calories you burn by running determines how many kilometers you have traveled.

For this reason, it is argued that the most effective way to slip through running is great.

However, when you run out a lot of time, the body needs fuel to avoid fatigue or severe damage, that is, the high use of any type of food will not help you lose weight.

running for weight loss

While running is great for swimming, it’s not enough alone. Research has proven the most effective tool for calorie burning.

When you are trying to lose weight, you need to absorb 300 to 500 calories a day through food.

If you do this, your weight will be constantly reduced significantly, but another fundamental question is to come: “
Is this a way of energy for running and doing any other sporting activity?”

The basic solution is to compensate for your caloric intake with an appropriate training program. Such a program includes three types of exercises

 running to lose weight
Running to lose weight

1-running to lose weight-running for weight loss
When running fast, your body burns better fat, because it is about 65% of your heart rate. If you want to do this, you need to increase your speed during running times at different times.

Although the distance is longer, fat burning will increase, so you need to include both the principle of speed and distance in your schedule.

Avoid consuming sports drinks or energy during exercise, because their carbohydrate levels reduce muscle dependence on body fat for fuel.


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2-running calories burned-running for weight loss
Running in fast mode is a great tool for weight loss. But you can not move along the high-speed path, you need to have a rotation in your movements.

This means that you need to speed up at times and at times you do not need to speed up, for example, 10 minutes of running at low speed, 10 minutes of running at high speed.

The exercises intermittently affect the body, causing more challenge and increased heart rate.

3-Doing strength exercises-running for weight loss
Exercise also helps with excess calorie intake and increased muscle mass from one side of the other. This is important because when you absorb calories less than 300 to 500 calories from the food, it’s likely that the muscles will degrade with the fat burning process.

Conclusion : running for weight loss – running to lose weight

We know running is very good, but clever running is a lot better ! If you pay attention to these little but important points, you save energy and get more quickly.

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