Running songs

Running songs

Running songs : Scientific research on the impact of sports music has proven,
That increases the efficiency of the sport by listening to the sports track
And it increases the timing of people’s arousal.
Music can help with exercise and runners in different ways.

The excitement to running songs

Music changes the level of arousal
And the form of stimulation that is very important in racing,
Used as a painkiller to ease the anxiety of athletes.

The runner also uses calming music as a backdrop to calming techniques.

The culture of running music is different

The cultural characteristic of music through social-cultural is different
And the music that a person has been exposed to before,
will affect the listener.


running songs

Running songs

Running music reduces the feeling of fatigue

During regular workouts like running,
Music can limit the athlete’s attention
And as a result, divert one’s attention to feeling tired.

This is a technique that many marathon runners and triathletes see as a major issue.

The rhythm of running music is impressive
The communication factor that relates to the excessive musical communication evoked by music,
This means that sound can create physical activity.

There are rhythmic responses and musical factors within the nature of music,
Whereas cultural influences and communicative factors on music,
They are external factors.



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Speed rhythm of running music

Be more vigilant, the best music for sports are those that have a tempo rate of 120 to 140 minutes.

Other research has shown that listening to music while exercising can increase performance by up to 15%.

But another group of researchers says the tempo of 120 to 140 is a total number,
We need to have a more precise number for every type of physical activity.

For example,
when walking at a speed of 4 km / h, we have to listen to music with a beat rate of 115 to 118. (B.P.M)
And when we take a quick walk, the music should also be on the tempo of 137 to 139.
And when we run we have to listen to songs with tempo 147 to 160.

Conclusion- running music
Music is often a pristine source of motivation and inspiration for athletes.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the taste of music is actually very personal.

And for this reason, the advice to choose the type of music is avoided,
Because it depends entirely on one’s decision.



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